Wood-burning OR Propane – you’ve got options when staying in our Cottages!

Wood-burning OR Propane – you’ve got options when staying in our Cottages!

Since opening in 1928, fireplaces have been an important part of our guest experience here at White Point. With fireplaces or wood stoves in the Main Lodge, every cottage and vacation home has one, as do 3 of our guest rooms in Lakeside Retreat. They not only serve as a source of warmth throughout the year, they certainly add to the ambiance too.

Over the past number of years, we’ve received an increase in the number of comments, and even complaints, about the wood-burning fireplaces and stoves from guests staying with us.  In an attempt to provide a better experience for all of our guests we are excited to announce that amongst our 59 accommodations that have a fireplace, we now have a total of 10 cottages that offer a propane fireplace. While wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are preferred by many, we now have the flexibility to provide an alternative for our guests.

For guests who have cited breathing sensitivities and allergies as well as challenges with damp wood, difficulty starting and maintaining fires, and in some cases the ‘smoky’ smell of the units, they now have the ability to specifically request a cottage that better meets their needs.

Fans of the wood-burning fireplaces and stoves have enjoyed a number of enhancements too. We’ve waterproofed the wood boxes on the decks, acquired a storage container to store dry firewood and even created a video with suggestions on how to set a perfect fire in a fireplace.

Of course the fireplaces in the Main Lodge, Lakeside Lodge and the bonfires remain very popular gathering areas too!

Curious about which cottages have propane fireplaces?
In addition to Ocean Club (#602), we have oceanfront Cottages #44, #48, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53, #54, and #55. Check out our property map to see where these are located.

When booking with us, be sure to indicate if you have a preference in the type of fireplace for your stay and we’ll do our best to accommodate it, subject to availability of course.


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