Night Hike into Keji under the Beaver Moon leaves us in awe

Night Hike into Keji under the Beaver Moon leaves us in awe

Motivated by the November’s full moon and on a hunch that folks would enjoy a unique opportunity to hike into Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Park SEASIDE at night, we partnered with Hike Nova Scotia on their 10th Anniversary to do just that … and we got so much more than expected from the Beaver Moon experience!

On November 4th, under incredible sunny warm(er) skies, more than 40 guests joined us (a sell out crowd) for a BBQ at the Beach, beer tasting from Boxing Rock with their ‘Dark as Keji’ and an intro to Hike Nova Scotia before we headed out to Keji Seaside for sunset, and the moonrise!

At Keji, Sophie, Gabrielle and Chris from Parks Canada guided us along the trailway to the beach – sharing insights about Keji ‘inland’ and ‘seaside’. Travelling in two groups, we had the chance to learn so much about the Seaside itself and the ecosystem here – everything from the flesh-eating orchids, invasive green crab and endangered piping plover – so much more. Their passion was contagious. While we gained incredible insight, they left us with an appetite for more.  “We’ll be coming back” was overheard along the path as folks discovered the beauty of the Park.

Meeting us at the beach on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean was Tony Schellinck, a self described ‘amateur’ astronomer – but he blew us all away with his knowledge of the night sky! Binoculars in hand, he pointed out the ‘rabbit’ on the moon (yeah, that one was cool!), the ‘double-double’, and the double star in the handle of the big dipper … and that the big dipper is not a constellation.

As the surf of the Atlantic washed ashore, we watched the ‘Beaver Moon’ rise from the horizon – orange to the eye – she pierced through the clouds – we were all in awe. None of us had been at Keji Seaside before at night, let alone to see a full moon rise … and in this case, the November Beaver Moon!

Chilled by the cooler night air, Chef Alan had sent along thermoses of warm tea and chocolate truffles that were welcomed by everyone. Savouring this stellar experience surrounded by so many folks who wanted to be here, in this special place, at this very moment was … well, great!

With sand in our shoes, and inspired by the vision of the Beaver Moon etched in our minds, we prepared to head back along the trail path. Illuminated by moonlight, we returned to the parking lot a little more in awe of the night sky, the beauty of Keji Seaside and delighted to have shared such a unique experience.

To truly appreciate the experience, you had to be there. But here’s a few photos to give you a taste of what it was like … as we hiked into the night at Keji Seaside as the Beaver Moon rose, Nov 4, 2017.

It should also be noted that proceeds from the Night Hike were presented to Hike Nova Scotia – a cheque in the amount of $500 was presented on behalf of all our guests – THANK YOU!

BBQ at the Beach

White Point Beach Resort Hike Nova Scotia Kejimkujik National Park - Sophie Boxing Rock serving up samples of 'Dark as Keji' Hike NS accepts $500 donation! Gathering before the hike at Keji Seaside IMG_3965 Heading down the path ... Keri Seaside Sunset along the Keji Seaside Trailway The path we didn't take on Nov 4th! Beaver Moon through the telescope, at Keji Seaide Beaver Moon, Keji Seaside. Nov 4/17