WANTED: Wedding Photos through the years!

WANTED: Wedding Photos through the years!

Did you say ‘I Do’ here at White Point?
Would you share your wedding photo with us?

weddings-callout-3In 2018 we will celebrate our 90th Anniversary – what an incredible milestone to share with White Pointers. While we are busily preparing a year-long schedule of events, Nimbus Publishing and Photographer Len Wagg have been working away at creating a ‘Then & Now’ photo book.

Along with reunions, honeymoons, and other family gatherings, weddings have been a very special occasion for all of us. Unfortunately due to publishing deadlines, while we would never be able to invite back everyone who has gotten married here over the past 90 years, we could include your wedding photos!

That’s where you come in.
If you were wed here at White Point and have a wedding photo that you would like to submit for potential inclusion in our ‘Then & Now’ 90th Anniversary Book, we’d love to hear from you. In anticipation of being able to dedicate 2 pages within the book to Weddings, we have to acknowledge up front that we may not be able to include every submission as we attempt to travel through as many years and decades as possible. However, we are planning to put every photo to good use in our White Point Photo Album we are working on that will be placed on the bookshelf in the Lounge.

What do we need?
1) Go ahead, dig out your Wedding Photo Album and pull out your favourite White Point Wedding photo!

2) Send it to us before September 15, 2017.
Scan it or send us a high resolution (or as high as you can) to donna@whitepoint.com with ‘Wedding Photo’ in the subjectline.
Be sure to include your names and the date your wedding photo was taken as these will be included with the photos used.

3) Confirm that you own the photo and that you give us permission to reproduce the photo within the book, and within our White Point Photo Album (paper and digital) for our 90th Anniversary. Len will be ‘re-shooting’ the photos you submit for inclusion in the Book.

As mentioned, while we are not able to commit to including all the photos we receive within our ‘Then & Now’ Book, we will notify you either way if your photo is being used. All photos submitted will be included within our White Point Family Photo Album being created to take its place on the bookshelf in the Founder’s Lounge!

Wonder how far back we can reach with these photo’s – it’s going to be marvelous revisiting all these memories.

Len has had the assistance of Rick Conrad who is preparing the story-line and narrative for the book. They’ve had an incredible time chatting with guests as they recall their memories of staying with us through the years and with your help, weddings will take their rightful place in the book.

The Book is presently in development with an expected release date in April 2018, and yes it will be welcomed with a proper book Launch here at the beach!

Thank You in advance for considering being apart of this project, and for sharing this invitation with others who may be interested as well!