Hooked On Canada? We are – especially these works of hooked art!

Hooked On Canada? We are – especially these works of hooked art!

Hooked Exhibit“What Canada Means To Me” was the theme issued to Hookers near and far as they were invited to create an original work of art that would honour Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

Having learned about this challenge issued by local hooker and artist Penny Ridley during the annual Hookers Retreat here at White Point in the winter, we knew we had to invite the show to White Point. We are delighted and honoured to welcome ‘What Canada Means to Me” to the beach August 17 – September 15, 2017. Please drop by to experience Canada ‘hooked’ in this traditional and spectacular exhibit. For a special and more intimate experience, join us September 10th as we invite the artists to be present for “Meet & Greet with the Hookers”!

Background on the Exhibit:
According to show curator, Penny Ridley, a little over a year ago the activities planned for Canada’s 150 years of Confederation celebrations were growing, so why not be a part of it. A challenge was presented to Nova Scotian rug hookers to design an original work that best suggested what Canada meant to them.

There were about 35 entrants mostly from the South Shore, one from New Brunswick, Bass River, two from the Halifax area and a few from the USA. Later several had to withdraw due to the fact that rug hooking can be very time consuming. It not a quick and easy art form.
Some pieces can take over a year to complete.

Most of the works are done by rug hookers that are passionate about their hobby and there are professional artists participating as well. However all the works reflect a high degree of professionalism and creativity. Some pieces are very sophisticated in their style yet others reflect the more primitive tradition that is very common in rug hooking. Each story is a unique view of the artists concept of what Canada has provided and is providing for them.

The Show opened at River House Studio and Gallery in Petite Riviere and was very well received. Then it moved to Fort Point Museum in LaHave and certainly complimented the permanent collection of historical artifacts. Now its final stop is at White Point Resort where I know the visitors will enjoy reading the visual histories of “What Canada Means to Me”.

From the Show Catalogue, here are the artists and their works from which our exhibit will pull from here at White Point:
TITLE: Canadian Koi
MEDIUM: wool/yarn on linen
PRICE: $300

TITLE: Haida Totem
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool hand dyed on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
The lines and symbols of the Haida First Nations People of northwestern British Columbia and the paintings of Emily Carr are the inspiration for this work. It is with great respect that the traditional significance of these symbols are past on to you the viewer.
Orca whale……fidelity and romance as they mate for life
the salmon……instinct, determination and persistence

TITLE: Before We Were Canada
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
European settlers first survived in this vast country by means of the fishing, farming, forestry and fur industries, but likely wouldn’t have made it through those first hard years without the help of their indigenous neighbours. Eventually the railroad connected east and west and the country steadily matured into the Canada we know today, that started in an ever changing confederation 150 years ago.

TITLE: Summer in Nova Scotia
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
This is a journal of my thoughts and activities as a celebration of the summer in Canada of 2016.

5. ARTIST: AnnaClaire MacAdam
TITLE: Directions
MEDIUM: yarn on rug warp
PRICE: Not For Sale
Inuksuk ᐃᓄᒃᓱᒃ, Inuksuit (pl) ᐃᓄᒃᓱᐃᑦ:
These are the signpost to make the way easier and safer for those that follow. The Inuksuit are products of cooperation, teaching us that individual efforts are great but together, Canada, we can accomplish more. Thank you Inuit People for showing us the way.

6. ARTIST: Kelly James /designer Jane Steele
TITLE: Postcards from Canada
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
The inspiration for my design is the natural beauty of Canada. This amazing country is the second largest in the world, it touches three oceans has forests, plains, mountains, icebergs, and tundra. We stretch up beyond the Arctic Circle and down as far as northern California. Each province and territory (thirteen squares) is represented by an image that best represents that part of Canada. The Arctic Circle and Northern Lights spread across the top of Canada, and the maple leaves bordering the bottom represent our Canadian flag. My work is everything about the beauty of Canada

7.  ARTIST: Pamela Fortin
TITLE: First Day – Lasting Impressions
MEDIUM: wool on linen, needle felting
PRICE: Not For Sale
From landed immigrant to permanent resident: a visual representation of my coming to live in Canada. I’m so happy here.

8. ARTIST: Carol Harvey Clark
TITLE: Sanctuary
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: $1200.
My Canada cherishes rugged isolated places. Sambro light on Sambro Island has guided mariners into and out of Halifax Harbour for years. It is the oldest lighthouse on the Atlantic and is the site of a bird sanctuary with a large population of guillemot, a red footed bird. For over 250 years this lighthouse has welcomed many new Canadians and returning Canadians to the shores of Nova Scotia.

9.  ARTIST: Penny Maloney Ridley
TITLE: This is My Canada
MEDIUM: wool, yarn on linen
PRICE: $1200./SOLD
My journey in Canada: the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, the adventures of the Voyageurs, the history, the strength of the Prairie Cathedrals and early settlers, the harshness of Arctic ice and endurance and spiritual guidance of our First Nations People.
This land is our birthright no man can sell.

10. ARTIST: Linda Alderdice/Jane Steele
TITLE: Maple Leaves Forever
MEDIUM: wool on linen/found tree branch
PRICE: $400/each
As many leaves that are on the maple tree there are as many cultures in our Canada. Welcome all.

11. ARTIST: Susan Newman Bennet
TITLE: Ocean Walks
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
Canada affords me the freedom to walk and wonder along the ocean shore line. The shore, life and Canada change over time but they are always beautiful.

12. ARTIST: Margo Seaman
TITLE: Welcome Home
MEDIUM: wool/yarn on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
“ Welcome Home” is the annual greeting given to the summer residents of the LaHave Islands by Auntie Kay and Uncle Colin, our dear next door neighbours for over 40 years. They are shown here with their dog Gretel. They have always made us feel welcome in this wonderful country.

13. ARTIST: Andra White
TITLE: My Bit of Canada
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
The provincial flowers have always been some of my favourite things now made more meaning full when set against the background of a maple leaf. Happy Birthday Canada!

14. ARTIST: Alex Weld
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
Following the US election and its affect on my thinking, it became important for me to embrace Canada’s welcoming stance on immigration

15. ARTIST: Susan Lohnes
TITLE: Pond Hockey at Twilight
MEDIUM: wool on linen/fish net
PRICE: $850.
As a child I often skated on the ponds at twilight sometimes playing hockey with the boys. Years later my own boys spent many an evening hour on the pond behind our house. It was the picture of the boys next door on the pond in the dwindling light of day that brought to mind what Canada meant to me, pond skating with the twilight sky reflected on Green Bay.

16. ARTIST: Linda Power
TITLE: Canadian Wildlife
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: $575.
Canadians and all her people are so blessed to be able to share this land with so many beautiful animals, plants, fish and birds.

17.  ARTIST: Judy Nelson
TITLE: Walk the Shore
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
Canada is very special to me as my husband and I are recent immigrants and now citizens of Canada. Living along the South Shore of Nova Scotia we daily enjoy the great natural beauty of Hirtles Beach, Gaff Point and West Ironbound Island; these areas are conserved for the public to cherish and enjoy.

18 ARTIST: Leslie Marshall
TITLE: What Canada Means to Me
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
This is a reflection of my personal experience of life in Canada …the journey…the arrival of my ancestors, the long road to the north, our strength, freedom and the beauty of nature ..the ocean, the flowers and the great forests of our country.

19.  ARTIST: Wendy Richardson
TITLE: Rumsey
MEDIUM: new/recycled wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
Our piece of beautiful Canada!

20. ARTIST: Carla Cummings
TITLE: Hopewell Rock
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
My special spot here in New Brunswick.

21. ARTIST: Ruth Rudderham
TITLE: From Sea to Sea to Sea
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
Canada: the icebergs of Newfoundland, the Maritimes, the farmlands of New Brunswick and PEI, the St Lawerence, Montreal, the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Lake Ontario, the CN Tower of Toronto, the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Lake Superior, the “ Sleeping Giant “ of Thunder Bay, the wheat fields of the Prairies, an Inuksuk of the north, Lake Louise, the Rockies, the Pacific ocean and a totem in honour of the First Nations People .

22.  ARTIST: Mary Maloney
TITLE: Oak Island Map
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
What Canada Means to Me……a land of treasure!

23. ARTIST: Laura Besaw
TITLE: Balanced Wheel
MEDIUM: mixed media
PRICE: negotiable
This piece is representational of the vastness of the Nation of Canada and of the creatures who survive there.The medicine wheel represents the four directions, the four elements, the four stages of life. A snowy owl in the North, a piping plover in the East, a hummingbird in the South and a woodpecker in the West. It is also a way to pay homage to the First

24.  ARTIST: Gloria Shields
TITLE: Stand on Guard for Thee
MEDIUM: yarn on linen
The lighthouse on Five Islands guiding all who pass this way.

25. ARTIST: Mardi Barker
Title: Canada
Medium: wool on linen
Price: Not For Sale

26. ARTIST: Nancy MacIntosh
TITLE: My Country Tis of Thee
MEDIUM: wool on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale
This is a tribute to my son who served in Afghanistan. He returned with severe PTSD. Pictured watching over him is his Siberian Husky service dog, Keeley. She helped him to reconnect with the people that love him. She has passed away but will always be remembered and loved for what she did for our family and my son.

27.  ARTIST: Bernadette Jordan
TITLE: My Canada
MEDIUM: wool/yarn on linen
PRICE: Not For Sale

28. ARTIST: Penny Maloney Ridley
TITLE: Threads of Culture Make Us Strong
MEDIUM: wool/sari silk/metal/mixed fibre
PRICE: $1500.