Int’l Piping Plover Day at White Point

Int’l Piping Plover Day at White Point

Piping P’LOVERS – oh yes we are! Hosting a day in honour of the endangered Piping Plover has become an annual tradition here at White Point – and May 14th was extra special as it was also International Migratory Bird Day!

Joined by guests, along with Todd Pover of Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, Jen Rock of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Sue Abbott of Bird Studies Canada and Piping Plover Conservation in Nova Scotia Volunteer Nazo Gabrielian we enjoyed learning so much more about these amazing little shorebirds.

Guests made more signs to add to those created by the South Queens Middle School on Friday, they will now be placed on our beach, along with others in Nova Scotia.

Learning about the wintering grounds in Cuba and The Bahamas, the efforts in New Jersey along the migration path and of course our nesting grounds here in Nova Scotia reinforces the fact that what happens in one part of the world – definitely impacts elsewhere.

Ending our day with a hike down the beach to look in our our nest and pair of Piping Plovers resulted in some disappointing news. Having sighted only one plover, Sue confirmed that our nest of 4 eggs had been lost, natural predators suspected. As you can imagine, we took the news pretty hard however, we were reassured that this is just part of the process and that it’s early in the season and our chances of a ‘renest’ are very high. Given that we have fledged 11 chicks in 5 years – we are a popular breeding beach.

We confirmed that one Piping Plover is within our nesting area, maybe Papa EP, who fathered our 2014 and 2015 nests, and was here earlier this year will return and be successful this year after all … we’d love to see him back, or one of his kids of 2014 ET, E2, E4 or EL!

As you head out on beaches in Nova Scotia this spring – look for signage to see if Piping Plovers are present and remember:
– walk on wet sand
– keep dogs on leash
– don’t leave food on the beach

Want to get involved in being a Volunteer – please do! We can get you started here at White Point and connect you to Bird Studies Canada!

Check out this GR8 video released yesterday in honour of International Migratory Bird Day #IMBD2016:

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