Piping Plover Updates – E2, E4 and eggs!

Piping Plover Updates – E2, E4 and eggs!

Over the past week we’ve had some terrific news.

E2, one of our 4 chicks of 2014 nesting season who wintered in Cuba has been spotted, and photographed at nearby Kejimkujik National Park Seaside in Port Joli. Can’t tell you how thrilled we are to know he/she has made it back and seems to have a partner – the picture here is beautiful. Can’t tell you how much we appreciated the update from Megan and her team at the park!

And then there was the update from Sylvia, a Piping Plover Guardian with Bird Studies Canada who reported sighting our little E4 over on Cherry Hill beach over Victoria Day Weekend as well. E4 was last seen in The Bahamas by Todd Pover of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation New Jersey. He’d just been here at White Point earlier in May for our International Piping Plover Weekend May 2-3. We’re hoping to head out with Sylvia and get some pictures of this fella!

And then, meanwhile back here at White Point, we have confirmed  that EP, our dad from last year and who has returned to our beach again for 2015 has a nest with his mate and 4 eggs!

We’re monitoring EP, E2 and E4 while keeping watch for reporting of finding ET and EL, who are the last two from our 2014 family that we haven’t see back here in Nova Scotia … yet!

plover e2
E2 and possibly a mate, at Keji National Park Seaside. Photo by Kejimkujik National Park , taken Victoria Day Weekend 2015.
EP’s nest – can you see the clutch of 4 beautiful eggs? Difficult to see, that’s why we have fencing and signage up here at White Point!
White Point "EP" Piping Plover and Mate at White Point Beach
Our proud parents of 2015, EP and his mate here at White Point Beach