Banding together for our 1st International Piping Plover Day  – SUCCESS!

Banding together for our 1st International Piping Plover Day – SUCCESS!

ploverday2With smiles and enthusiasm all around, we proclaim our first International Piping Plover weekend a huge success!
Joined by over 35 guests from all over Nova Scotia and as far away as New Jersey and Toronto, we enjoyed full weekend of learning and observing our pair of Plovers here at White Point.

It was our pleasure to work with Sue Abbott, NS Program Coordinator with Bird Studies Canada to welcome and host Todd Pover from Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey,  Jen Rock from Environment Canada, President of Bird Studies Canada, Steven Price. Opening remarks from Bob Petrie Director of Wildlife, Natural Resources set the tone for the day while having folks from Kejimkujik National Park, NS Bird Society, NS Nature Trust amongst others along with so many volunteers rounded out a great day. May 3rd certainly was a celebration of partnerships that are continuously working to raise awareness and support our endangered Piping Plovers.

The star of our event was Grey EP – our Papa Piping Plover of 2014, who was banded, returned to our beach just in time for the event, and was observed by everyone in attendance. Accompanied by his lady companion on the beach, our afternoon beach walk allowed us all to catch a glimpse of them feeding as we installed the protective fencing and signage on the beach. While there was no evidence of them ‘nesting’, it is expected that they will – assuming the 2nd male sighted in the area recently moves along!
UPDATE: As of May 15, we have confirmed EP has a nest on White Point Beach with at least 2 eggs.

EPpuffedup2015The big questions continue to go unanswered…where are EP’s children of 2014?

EP’s children (chicks) were all tagged last summer as well. ET, E4, E2 and EL.
ET was spotted earlier in April on the Berry Islands in The Bahamas. Will ET come home this year to the breading ground – we’re on  the look out!
E2 had enjoyed a winter on the beach at Cayo Coco Cuba having been sighted by Walker Golder from Nat. Audubon.
EL, well we’re not sure where that little one spent his winter and where he may be now – we continue to wait and see if he is sighted.
E4 was sighted, photographed and monitored by Todd Pover and his colleagues from Conserve Wildlife Foundation New Jersey on Eleuthera in The Bahamas in January 2015.
AND as of May 17th, we have confirmed that E4 is now on nearby Cherry Hill Beach!

Hosting the International Piping Plover Day enabled us to bring together key organizations, and volunteers, who are working as guardians for these endangered species. Sharing their knowledge, passion and insight was tremendous.

We look forward to sharing our Piping Plover family developments and invite you to be a part of the journey – onsite and online!

We are hoping for a very successful nesting season here at White Point. EP and his lady friend are expected to nest, and with the help of nature and support from our guests,  we hope to see their babies born and fledge by mid summer.

You can help us – here at White Point and on beaches everywhere Piping Plovers are present.
1. WOW – Walk on the wet sand on the beach, staying away from the cobble where they nest.
2. Keep your dogs on leash on the beach. They tend to sniff out the nest, chase the plovers and destroy it.
3. Respect the signed and fenced area. We have protected a very small potion of our beach around the nesting area – there’s plenty of room in and around the beach for everyone to enjoy it!

Stay tuned for updates here on our blog, and Facebook and better still join us on one of our Piping Plover Walks to be a part of our monitoring program!

For more information about Piping Plovers visit:

White Point "EP" Piping Plover and Mate Return Home From The Bah
Mr. & Mrs. EP on White Point Beach, May 3 2015

ploverday3 ploverday1

Plover Love Triangle battle
Plover Love Triangle battle