When one door closes, another one really does open

When one door closes, another one really does open

Contributed by Mary Black, Business Development, White Point Beach Resort

Mary Black, Business Development, White Point Beach Resort

When one door closes another one really does open. We have all heard this and similar expressions so many times, but I have just lived it.

For 24 years I worked my way through a job which became a career I loved for a company I cared deeply about. This company sadly closed January 30th but February 2nd I opened another door. A very familiar door.

I have been part of the White Point extended family for 24 years. The framed vintage photo in your cottage; I did that. The black and white W.R. MacAskill photos throughout the lodge; I did that. Even the vintage sports photos found in the games room; well, my grandfather is in one of them. I have been a team member for only a few months but really I have been on the team for 24 years.

My position in Business Development involves many new details which I have been working hard to learn and share with up and coming White Pointers, but I already knew so much. I knew the smell of the ocean air and the way it makes you feel. I knew the spring put into your step from walking a forested path. I knew the warm comforting embrace that you feel sitting, even alone, near one of our fireplaces.

I now also know important details like when our golf course opens (its open!), what the Year of the Marshmallow monthly flavor is (mmmmm, Sugah), and what the best room, cottage, or vacation home for you and yours is.

I am looking forward to my next 24 years and what I will find through this door. It’s a big double door flanked by stone, bunnies, and a view of the Ocean that goes on forever. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, so I can give you a hand walking through my new, wide-open door at White Point. I’m available by email at [email protected] or from our Halifax Office at 902-454-8533.