5 Reasons why ‘meeting at the beach’ makes sense

5 Reasons why ‘meeting at the beach’ makes sense

Karen Gilmour, White Point’s Event Services Manager

Contributed by Karen Gilmour, White Point’s Event Services Manager

When planning a meeting or retreat, location selection is paramount in the overall plan for success. A great location will provide the right combination of work environment, leisure, and value.
Here are five reasons why a meeting at the beach makes sense for all groups and businesses looking to strengthen their team and boost their business!

1. A true getaway – distractions can hamper productivity and connectivity during meetings and retreats. Having a meeting at White Point Beach Resort keeps your group together and engaged. Removing temptation to step away for errands or other interests during free time means more time to make meaningful connections.

2. Natural surroundings – the soothing sound of surf rolling in, a breath of fresh sea air, a brisk walk along the beach, or a round of golf will keep your group energized and refreshed.

3. Team Building – There is no shortage of things to do here. Get your team out to enjoy all the waterways and nature that White Point has to offer. From very active surfing, to stand up paddle boarding and yoga, we can get you moving! Our customized scavenger hunts and team building activities get you working together while having a great time.

4. Food – Of course, authentic Nova Scotia fare is a focus in all of our menus and wine list, but the experience is equally important at White Point. Nothing beats a group BBQ by the lake for a casual get together, or al fresco dining on our decks overlooking the crashing ocean surf. Traditional lobster dinners, or buffets of chef selected menus are also great for a private dining experience. And of course, your evening wouldn’t be complete without a toasted marshmallow around the bonfire – a sweet ending to a great day!

5. Atmosphere & Amenities – From the moment you arrive, the stress of the day to day melts away. Our relaxed environment and comfortable accommodations help you feel relaxed and at home. There are many great spots that become favorites of all our guests.

Whether it’s leisurely swim, finding a little reading nook by a warm fire, a quick game of pool, or sampling a local beer… there is something for everyone and every occasion. A meeting is so much more than a meeting at White Point. It’s an experience. Our stunning backdrop plus the many unique opportunities to really connect and engage with your team are unparalleled. You will understand on your first visit, and all of these reasons and more, will be why you return again and again.

Let me help you take advantage of my Top 5 reasons to meet here at the beach, drop me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at 902.354.2711 ext 356.