Keeping ahead of the Trends – Meetings at White Point

Keeping ahead of the Trends – Meetings at White Point

Contributed by Anne Stevens, White Point’s Director of Sales

Anne Stevens, White Point’s Director of Sales

Earlier this spring, I read an article about the proclaimed ‘TOP 10 Meeting Trends”. A US company with Hotels & Resorts worldwide, cited their Top 10, 2 of which were of special interest to me as they are part of the experience we currently offer our groups at White Point Beach Resort everyday, 365 days of the year…

#1: Increasing demand for unusual indoor and outdoor breakout spaces.
We’ve got that in spades!
In addition to the spectacular meeting space in our new Main Lodge, and recently renovated Lakeside Hall, here at White Point these spaces are complemented with inspiring views overlooking the surf of the Atlantic Ocean, our lake or tidal river. Year-round, groups of all sizes are able to experience smaller, unique gathering locations in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing our guests more time to participate in innovative and inspiring conversations.

We’ve got some really great breakout spaces too. There’s plenty of room for a lakeside gathering around a firepit, and the living room of our Ocean Lodge, comfortably seats a dozen people sharing stories around a beachstone fireplace. We’ve even seen groups of 4-8 people gathered on the front lawn on Adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean.  In the foyer of Lakeside Hall, guests break out of typical meeting rooms to curl up on a wingback chair or one of the leather sofas sharing ideas over coffee.

#2: Meeting Planners customizing packages to suit the needs of their individual group.
We’ve never been a cookie cutter experience so we are trending here too!
I am proud to say our team at White Point Beach Resort is continually exploring new and creative ideas to deliver an exceptional guest experience. For us, it’s exciting to be able to offer groups additional activities and programing that complement an agenda.  From culinary events, wine tasting and educational sessions on the History of Wine, to water based activities at our boathouse, guided beach walks, golf tournaments, as well as working with other partners to deliver individualized team building activities, we get to create a unique and customized experience which extends beyond the meeting room walls.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being ‘ahead’ of the curve in delivering exception service and experiences, we look forward to creating even more ‘great days’ for our guests here at White Point.
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