The Essential Treatment – a ‘must’ have experience in our Ocean Spa!

The Essential Treatment – a ‘must’ have experience in our Ocean Spa!

Joanne & Dorothea
Ocean Spa ‘Selfie’, Joanne & Dorothea

contributed by Joanne Veinotte, GM White Point Beach Resort

There are many perks to this job that I had not realized. Having a spa less than a one minute walk from my office is definitely one of my favorites. I looked forward to my appointment with Dorothea all day and when four o’clock finally arrived – off I went.

Today’s treatment would be Essential, an algae body wrap. Dorothea assured me that it would invigorate my skin and make me feel energized. Bring it on! We had already had the discussion about comfort level and body wraps. Dorothea is very conscientious and through discussion with you, will ensure you are comfortable with the entire process. I had never had a body wrap before so this was all new to me. She showed me the algae powder that she would be using to cover my skin. It didn’t look too bad…then she made it into a paste and showed me the paint brush! Good grief! I had a good laugh and then the treatment started.

Using strategically placed sheets to cover the parts of my body she was not ‘painting’, Dorothea slowly covered me in the green paste with her natural bristle brush. The algae powder she uses is a composition of micronized algae. It is rich in minerals and trace elements – all things that my skin should love.

Dorothea knows about my skin sensitivity so I was not concerned about any reactions. I smelled faintly of sushi which reminded me that I had not eaten any lunch…but I digress. I was slowly coated in a green paste, back and front. It took about ten minutes in total.

I was then wrapped in a type of white plastic, covered with warm towels, and wrapped in silver paper. I looked like a burrito. The wrap has to stay on your skin this way for fifteen to twenty minutes and Dorothea leaves you alone to relax. I fell asleep.

When she woke me up, it was time to shower off the algae. I was unwrapped like a present at Christmas and off I went to the shower. Dorothea must shower off your back because she can see it and you cannot. She has disposable panties for those who are too shy to show their bums. Once all the algae is gone – bathrobe on and back to the massage table.

I still smelled sushi faintly, was it a real smell or was I just hungry?
Dorothea told me it was normal and that the next part of the process takes care of the smell. It is the oils and minerals that leave the faint smell and they are also what are so good for your skin. Dorothea then selected some aromatherapy oils for the next step of this treatment, lightly massaging the oils into your skin.

I have a great relationship with Dorothea, and based on guest feedback, I know she cares so deeply for all her clients. It is important that you give yourself enough time to talk to her before your treatment to make sure she understands what your goals are surrounding the treatment or if there are any issues you are dealing with. Different oils can affect different things: mood, energy level, restfulness. She is the expert. She picked the oils she felt would be best for me.

The treatment was over. Dorothea left me to get dressed.

My skin felt fabulous. Even places like my knees and elbows were soft. If this is what smelling like sushi for a few minutes does – I am all for it. When I got home my husband told me I smelled good. At first I thought he was being funny and then I realized I did smell good! He even noticed the soft skin on my arms when we were doing dishes. My husband and I have been married almost twenty five years – that is quite a compliment.

I did feel energized just as Dorothea said I would, although that may have been from my twenty minute power nap as I dreamt of being a burrito at Taco Bell.

Thank you Dorothea!

The Essential Treatment:
Refill your energy reservoirs and enhance health and beauty with an Algae wrap. Essential minerals and trace elements rejuvenate and revitalize body and soul.
For ladies and gentlemen: 60 minutes $98
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It may not be pretty in pictures, but this treatment is well worth it…


  • Rhonda Madgett

    Hi, I love my visits with Dorothea every time we come out to White Point!!!! I think last time I spent as much time with Dorothea as I did with my husband. lol She is amazing and I have always loved everything I have done. Next time I would like to have the Algae Wrap. So I will have to book my time so I don’t miss out. I highly recommend any treatment by Dorothea she is so thoughtful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. You’ll never want to leave….

    Thanks Dorothea!

    Cheers, Rhonda Madgett

    • White Point Beach Resort Team

      Careful Rhonda…you need to balance your time between your husband and Dorothea!
      We’ll be sure to share your kind complement with Dorothea, she’ll be humbled.
      See you next time!
      The White Point Team