The White Point Quilt – “Stiching White Pointers Together”, All Stitched Up & Hung!

The White Point Quilt – “Stiching White Pointers Together”, All Stitched Up & Hung!

On Sunday January 13, 2013 one year after beginning the adventure with White Pointer’s to create a new quilt for White Point, surrounded by friends, family and enthusiastic quilters, we unveiled our new quilt.

Inspired by White Pointers, we were delighted to have fabric and quilt artist Bev Crouse on hand to unveil the work of art she created. The adventure has been rewarding, insightful and challenging by times, but the White Point Story Quilt, has been a project lovingly created, stitched and framed.

The reveal itself was a marvelous opportunity to showcase the work of so many, here is a picture montage of the event: The White Point Quilt Reveal.

Bev shared some insights, tid bits about the 12 month quilt construction journey….

13 Mobile Quilting Parties (Stitching the blocks) and 11 Stationery Quilting Parties (Overall Quilt)

Blocks travelled minimum 5000Km – up and down the South Shore, to Halifax and even Toronto!

More than 500 individuals added their stitches and their memories,
• men & women,
• ages 3 to 90,
• throughout Canada and US
• England
• China
• Australia
• Sweden

• First quilting party to be held at Tall Ships on the waterfront in Halifax and Saltscapes in Toronto
• First stitch ever for our little three year old and for several of individuals.
• First item to be Quilted at Lakeside Hall
• First quilted item to be hung at White Point resort (Hopefully not the last :-)

• 1/2 million stitches including Hand and Machine.
• Approx. 3700 inches of Quilting Stitches
• 46 hours of Quilting time with 1-6 quilters at a time at Lakeside Hall
• Approx 120 Different Fabrics or Textiles, – Cottons, Tartans, Beads, Lace, Ribbon Includes fabrics from Atlantic Canada to Caribbean
• 300 hours to construct the quilt top, including the design work.
• Variety of Techniques – patchwork, hand applique, machine applique, embroidery, layering, fusing, freezer paper patterning, computer printing on fabric, etc.