Pennies for Protection Challenge 2012

Pennies for Protection Challenge 2012

Pennies for Protection Challenge 2012
Sat. June 30, 10am – 1pm
@ participating Volunteer Fire Departments

On June 30th which NS Volunteer Fire Department will be named
“KING PENNY 2012”?

The Federal Government is removing the penny from circulation. It will no longer be of any real value in our wallets – unless you have lots of them – pounds of them!

White Point, in partnership with the Fire Serivce Association of Nova Scotia, invites Nova Scotians to start collecting and bring ‘pounds’ of pennies to one of the participating NS Volunteer Fire Departments competing in Pennies for Protection Challenge 2012.

Participating NS Volunteer Fire Departments include:
1) Alma Volunteer Fire Department
2) Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department
3) Charleston Fire Department
4) Chester Basin Volunteer Fire Department
5) Cornwall & District Fire Department
6) Greenfield & District Fire Deparment
7) Liverpool Fire Fighters Association
8) Lunenburg Volunteer Fire Department
9) Maitland Volunteer Fire Department
10) Oakhill & District Fire Department
11) Port Hastings Volunteer Fire Department
12) Port Medway & District Fire Department
13) United Communites Fire Department
14) Whycocomagh Volunteer Fire Department
15) Port Williams Volunteer Fire Department

With the support and participation of Nova Scotian’s we’ll raise much needed funds and awareness of NS Volunteer Fire Departments – their volunteers, families and supporters.

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Come on Nova Scotia – collect, and turn in as many pennies as you can to your closest participating Volunteer Fire Department. The community that brings in the most poundage (aka the most $’s) will be named the King Penny!

How will it work?
On June 30, 2012 between 10am – 2pm, each Department will set up a temporary holding tank/bladder in which all the pennies will be dumped into.

As the pennies are being brought it – they are logged in the Weigh-In form supplied – so that the number of contributors and weight of each are tabulated.

As the Weigh Off morning progresses – there will be 30 min reporting updates on the volume registered to date at the Command Centre within the Liverpool Fire Department… building anticipation!

As the pennies are arriving, maybe get creative and instead of just a mound of pennies, create an image for fun!

At 1:30 the final weigh off is tabulated and by 2pm – the KING of the Pennies for Protection Challenge is announced, with estimates of dollars raised!

Start collecting pennies – invite your friends, family and colleagues to join in!

  • Judi M

    Great idea. May i ask what will be done with all the pennies when the day is over?Thanks

    • White Point Beach Resort Team

      The Deaprtments keep the pennies of course and turn them into $’s in support of their fundraising efforts for equipment they are trying to purchase to serve our communities better!

  • Rebecca Huskins

    Sounds like a great promotion but it would have been better if it had a longer duration. Most people haven’t even heard of it so a longer time frame would have meant more promotion time.

    • White Point Beach Resort Team

      Which Department will you be collecting from Rebecca? June 30th is the weigh in day for each department, but you are welcome to continue collecting and contributing – anytime!

  • Belinda Schrader

    Is it too late to register, Newcombville fire department is interested in participating