“Thank You” Volunteer Firefighters!

“Thank You” Volunteer Firefighters!

Do you know what it is like to be a Volunteer Firefighter? What they invest of themselves, their families, to come to the aid of the community – to fight fires, save lives? 

It’s National Volunteer Week (April 15-21), in honour of our Volunteer Firefighters, we’d like to introduce you to a few members of our Liverpool Fire Department to acknowledge what they do for our communities. Chief Steven Parnell and his wife Terrena, Lieutenant Naamon Barton and his wife Krista and Firefighter Matthew Lenenten take us into the Fire Station and into their lives – as Volunteer Firefighters.

In communities all over Nova Scotia, there are more than 8000 Volunteer Firefighters add their efforts to those of ours at the Liverpool Fire Station. All are standing by on duty, ready to come to your aid should you need it. Volunteers Firefighters voluntarily commit to making every effort within their scope of training and ability to assist fellow residents in our most vulnerable time of need. 24/7/365.

Grass Fires. Barn Fires. Home Fires. Places of Business Fires. Vehicle Accident. Medical Emeregencies. Retrieving a cat from a tree. For our Liverpool Volunteer Fire Department – they respond to more than 150 calls a year within our small community here along the South Shore.

They respond at all hours of the day. Get called out on weekends, Holidays. They have missed family events and anniversaries. Volunteering as a Firefighter is in addition to their day jobs and family. Juggling many hats, to serve their community, and save lives, homes and businesses.

In our time of greatest need on November 12, 2011 during our fire, White Point experienced the power, professionalism, passion and commitment of Volunteer Firefighters. The men and women that suit up, drive the Fire Trucks, respond on the scene, raise funds for their equipment, maintain their Fire Stations – are an amazing, giving and humble kind of folk.

This Volunteer Week, we invite you to look more closely at your local Fire Department,
– get to know the Members of your Fire Department – extend a ‘Thank You”.
– practice fire and accident prevention…so they don’t have to come to your rescue!
– support a fundraising event – like attend a Breakfast.
– become a Volunteer with your Department – there are many areas you can help, not just respond to fires!
– be a champion for your local Volunteer Fire Department – help spread the word about their activities and events.

White Point invites you to join us as we say a heartfelt  “Thank You” to Volunteer Firefighters, their families and supporters, here along the South Shore AND everywhere!

Find our more about your local Nova Scotia Fire Department – through the Fire Service Association Nova Scotia  .

Thank You:
We’d like to thank the Liverpool Fire Department Members and their wives for agreeing to appear on this video. And special thanks to the Picture House who assisted us in producing this video in such a personal and professional manner.