Surfs-Up…Get out and Try Surfing at White Point, Nova Scotia

Surfs-Up…Get out and Try Surfing at White Point, Nova Scotia

Learn to (or at least try) surfing in Nova Scotia this year!
At White Point, we are home to Rossignol Surf Shop – one of the few Shops that offer Surf Lessons in Nova Scotia. Cold water surfing is growing in popularity, check out thisnew video by NS Tourism on their facebook page.

Located at the Boathouse at the Resort, Jeff and his team have been offering lessons for many, many years. As wave riders from the area, they are well trained, experienced and passionate about sharing the sport of surfing. Really there is just no better way to experience the power and thrill of the Atlantic Surf than on a board!

Suit-up and get ready to ride!
Rossignol Surf Shop offers 2 hour Surf Lessons at White Point.
Lessons are available as follows for the 2011 season:
May 21 – end of June
Saturdays – morning and afternoon
Monday through Saturday-  morning and afternoon  
What will you learn?
You’ll be introduced the sport of surfing through land and water activities so that you have the basic information required to surf in a safe environment, with the appropriate gear.
You will learn…
a) surf safety rules
b) gear 
c) selecting a safe surf site
d) falling off, paddling and standing on a board
e) going over, around, through and under waves  
Surf Lesson Requirements:
Surfing requires a significant level of skill and ability in the water. To ensure you are ready to take on the challenge, Rossignol Surf Shop suggests that you should be a competent swimmer already AND be in good physical condition. Due to the size of the boards and physical strength required to handle the equipment and the surf, participants should be at least 12 years old. Some additional questions you can ask yourself….
…Am I comfortable in and under the water and a fairly good swimmer?
…Eager to try new things and wondering if I can “Turtle” ?
…Ready to push my personal limits?
…Wondering how a wetsuit can keep you warm when you are in the Atlantic Ocean? (Can I even fit into one?)
…Ready to shout “Yes!” AND pump your arm when you catch your first wave?
…Am I ready to enjoy and support a fantastic “green sport”
Did you answer yes to most of these??  Then you are ready!

What’s included in your lesson?
– Wetsuit and learner surfboard are provided.
Please note:  Registrants will be asked weight and height or clothing size for proper wetsuit fitting.
– Ratio of 1 instructor for 5 participants. Meet your instructors below.

Surfing at White Point, NSHow much are Lessons?
Each 2 hour lesson is $65 plus HST per person

Book your Lesson Now!
Book your Lessons directly with Rossignol Surf Shop either in advance of your arrival at White Point or at any point during your stay. Call 1.902.683-2530 or email [email protected].

Meet our Rossignol Surf Shop Instructors

Isaac Norman

Hi folks! My name is Isaac Norman and I am currently eighteen years old and have been a surfer since I was ten. I am currently taking my undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Dalhousie University with hopes of working in the medical field. I remember when my dad first got me out in the water and helped me catch my first wave. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked on surfing since then. Over my youth, surfing became part of my life and through much practice I had the opportunity to represent Canada at numerous World Junior surfing games. Surfing has introduced me to many unforgettable experiences and has taken me places to compete like California, France and Portugal. I surf because every wave you catch gives you a different feeling of satisfaction and there is always room for improvement. My goals in surfing involve perfecting different manoeuvres and working on my style. Other than surfing I play soccer. I am a national certified life guard so you’re always safe with me in the water. It always gets me stoked to share the experience of someone standing up on their first wave. Hope to see you at White Point Beach Resort! 

Wil Bagnell 
“I started surfing five years ago, when I was twelve years old. In fact, the first time I surfed was at White Point, when I took a surf lesson. I was instantly hooked. I love surfing, it’s a sport that never gets boring no matter what happens, you’re always having a good time. So far, I have surfed in Barbados and Tofino, British Columbia. Every time I paddle out it’s whole new experience, whether you caught the biggest wave of your life, or you pulled a really cool trick, the experience is always fun and always changing. I’ve been around the ocean my entire life and I feel very comfortable out in the water. Since I was a young kid I have been interested in the outdoors and sports. Other sports and hobbies I am involved in, are wake boarding, fishing, soccer and volleyball. A goal in my life is to pursue a career in the medical field. My surfing goals are to always improve, compete in more competitions, surf around the world and push the limits of my skills by surfing even larger waves. Surfing has done a lot for me, it has helped to improve my fitness and it has given me something that I am truly passionate about and wish to pursue even further. I’m going to have a good time in the water, I know you will too! See you in the lesson!”

Andrew Crouse
Hi, my name is Andrew Crouse. I’m currently 19 years old and took my first surfing lesson when I was 14 at White Point Beach Resort. Over the next year, I became addicted to riding waves. I’m currently studying Kinesiology at Acadia University, with hopes of becoming an athletic trainer.  I enjoy playing soccer, working out, and surfing. Surfing has helped me travel the world, and make many new friends along the way. I surf because there’s always a possibility that I’ll catch the best wave of my life. I look forward to teaching you about surfing equipment, surfing technique, and helping you catch the first of hopefully many waves!

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See you on the beach!




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