I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas!

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas!

It won’t be long now before the snow flies and we start humming those favourite Holiday tunes. As you come into full Holiday planning mode, don’t forget to incorporate some environmentally friendly alternatives.

Need some ideas? We’re happy to help, give these a try:

– Re-use old gift wrap for stocking stuffer items, no one will care if the paper’s been used before. Or use the comic pages from the newspaper for a unique wrapping presentation (and they can “read” their gift before opening it!).

– Use Christmas cards from one year as gift tags for the next, just cut the picture from the front of the card and write on the back of it. They are pretty and look more personal than store bought tags.

– If you’re exchanging names at work, why not make it a re-gift opportunity? We all have things at home that don’t fit our colour scheme or just aren’t “us”. Why not re-gift them to someone who will really appreciate them? We’ve done this within our Management Team the last two Christmases and it’s worked really well. People gave away things they didn’t want and other people got things they really did. It’s a win-win for everyone and you didn’t buy something that needed carbon to be made!

– Having a tree trimming party? Ask everyone to bring a homemade ornament instead of purchasing one. You can even set a theme, such as wooden, angels, crocheted, etc. and see what people bring! Have cranberries and popcorn ready for people to string (and more to eat!) and you’re all set.http://www.planetorganic.ca/ourstores/halifax . They are a bit more expensive than what you’ll find in the grocery stores, but you’re going to splurge for Christmas anyway, and they make the best gravy ever!

– Consider buying a local, organic/free range bird for your Christmas dinner. My husband and I have ordered our turkey from Planet Organic in Halifax a few times,

– In lieu of giving gifts, consider making a donation in that person’s name to their favourite charity. Then you’re making two positive steps – reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a good cause.

These are just a few ideas that we have come to love. Feel free to use any of them or let us know if you have another great idea. If we can be of assistance in your Holiday planning, please let us know. Happy Holidays!

Alana Hirtle, White Point’s CMP and Event Services Manager
(AKA – “Green Queen”at White Point)