April 1

White Point Staff Quilting Party – had us all in stitches!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on April 1st, 2012

On Friday March 30, 2012, Bev Crouse of the Quilters Net and our guiding champion for our new White Point Quilt took a team of us from White Point on a journey to place our own stitches in our new quilt in development. While the purpose was to stitch fabric, it also stitched those of us present, together again. As may be expected, many of our team contiue to find not being at White Point daily a very difficult transition. We get together at least monthly, as a family would, but after spending so many years together nearly every day – it is very different.

Over the course of just 90 minutes, gathering to make our own Bunny Patch, while adding our own stitches to the new golf panel – we difinitely shared many laughs, memories, and chatted up a storm. Below are some pictures of our Quilting Party – see anyone you recognize?

Pleas join us for one of our next Quilting Parties:
April 28: Firemens Breakfast 9 – 10:30am, Liverpool
April 29: Saltscapes Expo, Halifax

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