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Rebuilding White Point – Main Lodge Design Released

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on February 14th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is extra special this year….
Tuesday February 14, 2012 – White Point, Nova Scotia 
Three  months have passed following the devastating fire on November 12, 2011 that destroyed White Point Beach Resort’s Main Lodge.  Owner Robert Risley along with his team at White Point beamed with pride today as they shared the design of the new Main Lodge to be constructed over the next several months and readied for opening in Fall 2012.
Take a virtual tour of the new Main Lodge Concept Design on YouTube and read the Q & A’s about the new Main Lodge

Inspired and energized by the overwhelming outpouring of support from White Pointers, Robert says he knew the new lodge would have to recapture that familiar, comfortable feeling of the White Point we remember so well. “As we had hoped, with more than 100 submissions online, White Pointers came forth with their suggestions for our new Lodge. It was reassuring to know many of the thoughts for the Lodge, reflected our own.” says Risley.

In early January, the Resort’s Management Team, joined by the local design team of WHW Architects, Design 360, and J.W. Lindsay Enterprises; gathered to get the planning underway leading to today’s announcement.

“It gives me great pleasure to present the design of our new Lodge.” says Risley, “It truly captures the essence of the former Lodge, yet is distinctive and original, a perfect tribute to be enjoyed for many generations.”

Like the original, the new lodge will be sustainably constructed with local, natural materials, such as wood and stone. With modern windows, insulation and efficient mechanical and electrical systems, the new lodge will have a smaller ecological footprint, using much less water and energy than the old building.

The building’s internal features provide all the amenities of the original, and more. On the main level, guests will be welcomed into a reception area with soaring ceilings and stunning views of the ocean. Everyone will be drawn to the Lodge’s new heart: the warmth of twin wood burning, stone fireplaces surrounded with comfortable seating for relaxing.

Accessibility enhancements will welcome guests on each of its two levels. Its orientation will maximize passive solar heating and provide wonderful views of the beach from all areas. Oceanside decks with overhead trellises will provide protected areas to relax and enjoy the beautiful oceanfront sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.

The upper level includes a lounge, 3,000 square foot divisible meeting and convention room with a wood burning fireplace and a 3,000 square foot dining room also with a fireplace, both served by a new, modern commercial kitchen.

The lower level will feature an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, fitness centre, games room and “kids’ zone”. Spaces also include a spa and two barrier-free guest rooms, all with signature White Point views.

The building pays homage to the original with hipped roofs and deep protective overhangs reminiscent of the iconic White Point beach umbrellas. The brightly coloured red roof with twin projecting stone chimneys will be a beacon for guests strolling the beach or teeing off on the 6th hole.

White Point’s General Manager, Danny Morton, echo’s Risley’s pride. Morton says the new Lodge design continues the great traditions of White Point. “The Design Team has done an amazing job capturing the essence of White Point while providing optimal flexibility of the spaces enabling us to meet the needs of our guests. Our White Point team looks forward to welcoming White Pointers back to the beach to celebrate and enjoy many more great days.”

With an anticipated opening in the late Fall of 2012, construction is expected to begin in early April at a cost of just over $4 million. For those interested in following the progress, the White Point Construction Webcam at www.novascotiawebcams.com, and regular updates are provided at www.whitepoint.com.

White Point is a favourite year-round oceanfront beach destination for vacationers and meeting delegates on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. While the 84 year old main property is closed until the Fall for the new Lodge construction, the eleven RCI Gold Crown Vacation Cottages and two Executive Vacation Homes are open throughout 2012.

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Media Contact for White Point:
Donna Hatt, Marketing & Product Development Manager
Email: donna@whitepoint.com Phone: 902.354.2711 ext 369

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46 Responses to “Rebuilding White Point – Main Lodge Design Released”

  1. andy says:

    Amazing. The reopening can’t come soon enough. This is the first valentines day we haven’t been there in 7 years. Look forward to next year.

  2. Jeanne Tallman says:

    My family vacationed at White Point two years in a row and we fell in love with the resort-my husband died two years ago at the age of 63 and we had planned on taking our two,now adult children,back to White Point and introduce our grandchildren to a very special place!
    I am still hopeful that in the next few years I will be able to fulfill our wishes.
    The new lodge looks like it will beautifulI and I can’t wait to see it in person!
    Jeanne Tallman
    Missouri, USA

  3. mom2 says:

    Looks great guys. More space for rec. Lounge looks like it has more space. 2 rooms remain in lodge.

  4. CarolAnn MacAdams says:

    I love it!! Great job keeping with the old and becoming new again. I follow the webcam most every day. Great memories……..just waiting to return.

  5. I’m so happy to see the new design. It’s a nice compliment to the natural environment. I like the red roof and the double fireplaces. The layout looks similar to the original lodge which is nice as it will be familiar in some ways. I like the inclusion of space for the spa with windows looking over the ocean. It’s beautiful !!! Congratulations to White Point management and the design team.

  6. Leah Tinkham Rimmer says:

    Love!!!! Counting down the days! Great job everyone.

  7. Joanne Bouchard (Ward) says:

    Here’s to our beloved White Point ! The new design looks lovely- we can’t wait til it opens.

    Fantastic job white point team. The only downside is there are no guest rooms in the new lodge- we love staying there in the winter when the weather is bad and dad finds it so much easier to be in the main building. Are there future plans to add rooms??
    Thanks and big hugs to everyone who worked so hard on this special project,

    Joanne Bouchard (Ward)
    White Point guest since 1968

  8. Wanda says:

    I am very happy to see the new design, however am quite disappointed there are no longer accommadations available in the main lodge. Our favorite place at WP was staying in the main lodge with the only drawback being the lack of an elevator, for my mom who I travel with frequently and for my husband who is in a wheelchair. I had been so excited for the new lodge anticipating updated accommadations and an elevator. I am pleased there are at least two BF rooms available in the main lodge which means my husband, our two small children and myself could supposedly have easy access as a family unit to all the main lodge facilaties. Having said that, I foresee those rooms “never” being available. I suspect it will be like wheelchair parking where everyone with a “sore toe” will be booking those rooms. I also suspect WP is a favorite for Seniors, who most likely would wish for the main lodge accommadations simply for the ease of movement and access to the facilaties (as is with my mom). The fire was a blow to WP and those of us who love WP, however for my family we anticipated it to be a blessing in disguise because it would mean more accessable accommadations for all. Elevator major bonus, decision to only have two rooms; a major disappointment:( I can only hope those rooms are designed big enough to accommadate our family of four and won’t need a year’s advance booking for an overnight stay. Who will these rooms be available to?? Should I even bother to get my hopes up??

  9. Ron Joiner says:

    How about a contest for “guest number one” upon the official opening pf the new lodge. Design looks great by the way

  10. maxine chandler says:

    Thanks for sharing ..looks good ..can hardly wait !!!

  11. Laureen Caddick says:

    I’m also disappointed in the lack of main lodge rooms. I loved the rooms at the lodge for those of us who travel alone. It makes it central to everything that is going on to stay at the main lodge. Any plans to add them? Add them instead of all the conference rooms, maybe?

  12. kathleen richardson says:

    Looks lovely, but it is disappointing that there will only be 2 guest rooms in the main lodge and they are only for wheelchair users. We loved staying in the main lodge.

  13. Josh says:

    Like the new designs but disappointed that there are no rooms in the main lodge.

  14. Annmarie Fitzgerald says:

    I have to agree with the many comments about being dissappointed there are not enough rooms in the main lodge. We enjoy coming down with our grandparents who can walk a short distance but not a lot and for them to be in the main lodge allowed them to get to the pool and games room easliy. and in bad weather you had an alternative. also gave a bit cheaper option for people on a budget. However the design looks wonderfull and can’t wait to see it in person:) really like the addition of the sauna :) And hoping your concidering adding more rooms.

  15. Charles Seamone says:

    Having worked for many years on the original building, cabins and the Estates, this is not quite what I would have expected from a detail point of view. I do like the simplicity and intent to keep much of the original plan intact. The original building with its beginnings as a hunting lodge just grew like Topsy. The development as a year round resort is commendable and inspiring.

  16. mom1 says:

    I think the idea mentioned to expand the 8 room oceanfront lodge 1o at least 16 is a great one and connect it to this design. The million dollars is being spent for additional renovations. This could be a plan. They are loosing about 18 rooms I imagine. I think the mainlodge had 20.

  17. Pat says:

    I could do without the views and soaring ceilings in the reception area. I liked coming in and being shielded from the reception area. The old building showed its back to the parking lot and it’s front to the ocean. It appears it is reversed in the new design. We don’t need soaring ceilings but do need the dining room, the founders lounge and guest rooms. Additionally the brown white and red scheme on the outside of the lodge is not pleasing. That white at the top just does not work. I want the building to blend in as the old lodge did, not detracting from the beauty of the ocean. I feel like you missed the boat with this design. Please bring back the spirit of white point. We don’t want sweeping modern, we want homey, guest friendly spaces that highlight the ocean not the parking lot.

  18. Tracey says:

    Our family has been “coming home” to White Point at least once every year since 2004. We like what we see, are following your progress and are planning (if can squeeze in with everyone else!) to be with you in November 2012! Our best wishes for good weather and a safe and timely build!

  19. Anne White says:

    My family and I recognize and appreciate all the work that the design team has done, and we can’t wait for our next visit to White Point, which will be to our time share cottage next August.
    We’re looking forward to walks on the beach and to being able to watch some of the construction as it’s happening.
    We love our cottage in the woods, and enjoy our time there each summer.
    However, we are extremely dismayed at the lack of guest rooms in the new lodge, and we feel betrayed because all indications were that the lodge would be rebuilt as much like the old one as possible.
    On our numerous visits throughout the rest of the year, our accommodation of choice has always been the main lodge, for so many reasons.
    We loved the warm, communal feeling of the lodge, of being able to go downstairs in our jammies in the mornings to get our coffee, going back and forth to the pool without having to venture outdoors with wet hair, being able to just head up the stairs after a late night of fun in the lounge, having all our “stuff” right upstairs and not having to walk back to a cabin in case we forgot something, never having to go outside in bad weather unless we wanted to, and yes – also the fact that the lodge rooms were cheaper than cabins!
    There are many older people who enjoy all the conveniences (and safety) of staying in the main lodge.
    When my daughter was young, and just the two of us went to White Point together, one of the great things about staying in the lodge was that when she went to bed, I knew that she was right upstairs, not in a cabin alone – and she knew that she was safe and sound, and I was only steps away. Thus we were both able to enjoy our vacation to the fullest.
    We hope that the design team is listening to those of us who are so upset and disappointed at the lack of guest rooms in the lodge, and that a positive change can be made.
    For every person who takes the time to express their disappointment here, I have no doubt that there are many others who feel the same.
    Thanks for listening.

    I just had a quick look back through the submissions to the blog, and I don’t think there were any that suggested getting rid of the guest rooms in the lodge.
    If you don’t rethink this, the building will not be The Main Lodge, but a convention centre. :-(

  20. Rose says:

    OMG, people, did anybody complaining about the lack of rooms even consider that there might be financial and safety reasons why there are fewer rooms not bing put back in the main lodge? There now will be two rooms which are available to everybody and are accessible. There will also be an elevator and accesible washrooms, I think that is pretty great.
    I think that we should be grateful that White Point is being rebuilt and that we will again have the chance to stay in such a beautiful place.
    I have to say that the design seems to capture the look and spirit of the older lodge, love that you are keeping the red roof! The ocean views, fireplaces and all of the ammenities available for young and old, that’s what makes White Point special and it seems like you’ll have it all again under your cheerful red roof!
    Cheers and great work!

  21. Wanda says:

    What is located in what appears to be a third level of windows??

  22. Sharon Riley says:

    I love the look of the new building but I am so disappointed that there are no guest rooms in the new building…My husband and I love to go to White Point and stay in the main building…like so many have said it is convenient for us and yes, much cheaper…closer to the pool, restaurant and yes even getting up in the morning goi ng down in jammies to get coffee…Please rethink this idea and hopefully put back those guest rooms in the new plans….

  23. Ian MacNeil says:

    I’d really like to see some “artist’s concept only” sketches of the interior, especially from the lobby looking toward the lounge and seaward, and from the dining room. I’m not a big fan of high, soaring ceilings, and I can’t quite figure out from the overhead plans just what these rooms will actually look like. Light often gets lost at the top of high-ceilinged rooms, and on a dark rainy or foggy day, these rooms could be very gloomy, unless lots of electric lights are on, which works against a cozy feeling. I’m glad to see the fireplaces, but again, they sure look big, modern and angular, and not something cozy to sit around. From the drawings, I gather that beach stones are not going to be used – seems odd, but maybe there is a structural rationale, because the fact that you were even able to sell the old fireplace stones after demolition must say something about how people liked those weathered stones.

    I think the lodge looks very comfortably situated on the property, and its low profile with nicely angled roof lines fits in very well with the site. It looks as well that you are going to have some split logs along the bottom facade of the building – that I like, and wasn’t expecting… a nice nod to the past and complement to the look of the rest of the property today.

  24. Hi Ian and Everyone,
    Thanks for your comments. Indeed line drawings, just line for homes, make it difficult to visualize what the real experiecne will be like. We have shared the drawings we have available to us at this time. You can be assured that we are aware of the cozy, warm, relaxed and inviting feel we have all come to love within the the Lodge and we will continue to work towards achieving that again. Natural materials, including weathered stones on the fireplaces, have been identified as a ‘must have’. Looking forward to sharing our rebuild journey with you, every step of the way.
    Donna & the White Point Team

  25. Thanks Sharon, there will be 2 guest rooms in the Main Lodge, indeed a reduction from the previous 15. We expect that we will see yoi in your jammies again to get that morning coffee:)

  26. Hi Wanda, that is a small room we are referring to as a Mezzanine that will serve as a multi-purpose space – Chef has suggested he would love to do his culinary classes there as it will be bright with natural light and views to be enjoyed, while it could be used as a board room, private dining area, etc. Flexibile use for sure.

  27. Thanks Rose – all of our Staff here are excited about the design and how much folks seems to like the conceptual design. They can’t wait to get back to work, and welcome White Pointer’s back to the beach.

  28. Thanks Anne,
    Indeed you are definitly familiar with White Point. We know you will be making great use of at least one of the 2 guest rooms that are located in the new Lodge when we reopen when not staying in your Vacation Club Cottage. For all the reasons you suggest rooms need to be in the main Lodge is the reason they are there. As you know from the FaceBook postings, the building footprint is smaller – by about 8,000sqft. There are a number of additions in this plan that were not in the old building, accommodating as many guest preferences as possbile with a limited budget.
    Working to get the Lodge up, running and open so our staff can get back to work and introduce you to the new Lodge – and renovated accommodations on the main property – is an adventure we are excited to be able to share with White Pointer’s, virtually:)

  29. Koch, REid, Goodwin Ryan and Northrup families says:

    Just saw the new design with my entire extended family. It looks lovely, but we are dissappointed that there will only be 2 rooms available for booking in the main lodge. Which means it will be very difficult to book for anyone. We booked the rooms all the time in the main lodge. It was great!
    Our fear is that price point will also be greatly affected for families, who may not always be able to afford cabins, but rooms in the lodge made it more affordable for families to enjoy the White Point experience. As well the lodge rooms also made it easier for those who are sensitive or allergic to animals, which we know were not allowed in the lodge but are in the cabins.
    As frequent visitors ( 3 to 4 times a year sometimes)for the past 20+ years, we will miss our lodge stays. Please reconsider putting more rooms back in the main lodge : )

  30. Lisa Richards says:

    I’m also very disappointed that there will not be more guest rooms in the main lodge, my family has a cottage and when we travel prefer to have a room rather then a cabin, plus we would only be coming for 1 or 2 nights at a time not a week which may make it difficult to book a cabin.

  31. The new lodge looks great! The layout reminds me of the original lodge only new and improved! I lived on White Point Estates for a year and then another two years in Liverpool and spent A LOT of time at the lodge so when it burned it felt like a little part of me burned with it. The fact that the lodge is being rebuilt made me extremely happy! However, I think the lack of guest rooms in the main lodge is a bad idea. If you’re trying to make the resort a year round resort, more guest rooms would seem to be necessary. I don’t think many people would like to have to trek outside in the cold winter months from their cabins to go to the dining room or for a swim. From what I can tell from the previous comments there is going to be a LONG wait time to be able to stay in those rooms which is certainly discouraging. I hoped to one day have my wedding at White Point but by only having two rooms in the lodge it limits the seasons in which I would want to have the wedding, since not many people I know would want to walk to and from their cabins in formal attire in the winter months, not to mention if it happens to rain!! All in all, the new lodge looks amazing but the lack of guest rooms is a BIG disappointment! :(

  32. Ian MacNeil says:

    There have been so many comments regarding the lack of guest rooms in the Lodge. Personally it doesn’t affect me and I really like the new design, but I would be really interested in the rationale for not including as many or even more rooms. I assume it was a business decision… perhaps they cost more money to run than they brought in? Obviously its nobody’s business but the owner’s, but it would be interesting to understand the thinking behind the decision. Perhaps an answer would also end the discussion on this question.

  33. Hi Ian,
    Glad you like the new design. As mentioned previously, the New lodge has fewer rooms as a result of the reduction in the footprint of the building, from 33,000 to 25,000 sqft, and be 2 levels rather than 3. We had a budget of 4 million and attempting to accommodate the needs of the lodge to support the balance of the resort, guest services, and past business history, thus the reduction in the number of guest rooms. Being spread across 800 acres along the lake, river and beach, prior to the fire we had 131 rooms, 15 of which were in the lodge. We will now have 118 rooms, 2 in the lodge which are barrier free bringing our total number of accessible rooms to 9.
    Like the former lodge, it was and continues to be difficult to meet the wishes of all guests. Be assured, we have taken feedback into consideration the new lodge to ensure our sustainability for many more years, so we can continue welcoming you all back to the beach.

  34. Wanda says:

    BUT… the lodge rooms are not a wish for something new, simply a desire to keep what “was”; a plea to maintain those already established guests who used those rooms. Expansion, although personally I believe would have greatly benefitted WP, is not the question, but rather why change something that was working according to the many who have voiced concern(whether past business success can be tangibly pointed to the rooms making a difference to that success, or not)… why take the risk? Obviously, it was a business decision related to trying to get the most out of your budget, however maybe increasing the budget in that case should have been an option. Was the updates to the cottages part of that budget, maybe they should have been on their own budget while attempting to replace a lodge with the history and magnitude of the one lost to the fire. Perhaps as an option shareholders should have been enlisted to increase the budget if there was even the possibility of expanding the main lodge to include a greater numer than 15 guestrooms. I wish I didn’t have such nagging doubts as to whether or not the WP reconstruction team really did their “homework” with some serious business analysis and research of what “makes” a year round resort. Having said that, I also know Mr. Risely is a business man with lots of experience in business, therefore I think I can assume he did do the homework before making this decision and perhaps there is a long term goal for which will change the direction of WP altoghter, such as eventually excluding the cottages to develop WP Estates into that location. This would definetely be “big” business in every sense of the word and will certainly change who WP is designed for and for what purpose. Okay, enough said, my “suspicious” nature needs to be tamed. Mr. Risely, I will do my best to leave you to your business :) With all sincerety from a past “lover” of WP!

  35. Wanda says:

    Hello again WP. The room you are referring to as the “Mezzanine” sounds lovely and considering it is on the highest level, I imagine the view is great. Considering there will not be access to this room by the elevator, I hope it does get used for “private” functions. I would hope it does not become a “hub” centre for WP to offer activities to their guests in general, otherwise once again you would be excluding those guests who can not do stairs. If you are going to be offering activities to your general guests in that area, please consider adding a lift to that stairway.

  36. Thanks Wanda – indeed, the Mezzanine is the only space not accessible – unlike the former Lodge which was challenging spead over 3 floors without an elevator. For sure, we are aware of the limitations, and possiblities this space will accommodate and are excited about exploring them all!

  37. Hi Wanda
    Thanks for your comments. As indicated above and previously, with 83 years experience under our belt, and given the constraints shared for the construction of the main lodge, as a year-round oceanfront resort business, we certainly can appreciate the feeback we have receieved. However, we have made decisions that present the best opportunity for White Point to be sustained for future years, to welcome guests to enjoy the magic of White Point. The investment being made to renovate 116 of our 118 guests rooms is a different project, funded separtately as was previously announced in Spring of 2011.
    Unfortuately, it was not as easy as just increasing the budget.
    As a part ‘lover’ of WP, we look forward to welcoming you back to the beach.

  38. wanda says:

    I think the Lodge looks beautiful. If the glass around the deck was unframed and without a design, everyone would have a totally unobstructed view of the ocean. We have it and love it!

  39. jm says:

    Looks great just wish It would be open for summer. Vacation in August where am i going to go?
    I must say though its too bad that there will not be more rooms in the main lodge. Maybe you guys can improve the walkways from the rest of the resort. or add rooms in another part.

  40. Jason Ranger says:

    I would like to see the design upgraded so the roof is a living green roof, helping to improve it’s leed rating as a building…

  41. Terah McKinnon says:

    It looks fantastic! Can’t wait to walk through the doors. Great work.

  42. Holly Thomas says:

    I love the new look! I can’t wait to visit again soon. White Point has so many great memories for myself and my future husband. Our first romantic getaway was there.

    So excited !!

  43. Valerie says:

    I look forward to returning again, with my childhood friends. I am sure that an amazing amount of thought went into the design. The Lodge is beautiful! Perhaps the loss of rooms in the Lodge is a disappointment to some, but my disappointment is all the negative comments from people who I would have expected to support you all, after such a terrible fire. You have all been through so much… I am so happy to see the plan is in motion and on track for us gals to visit in summer ’13.

  44. very nice pictures, I really like your website

  45. Shelley says:

    I love the stonework , Dover mason is doing an amazing job, I Am also very very proud to say its my babe Wade Zinck that is one of the main stone mason’s he is the one doing all the fireplaces :) love his work xoxo Dover Masonry Rocks !!

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