Carving White Point’s “Little People”, Meet Joe Winters

Carving White Point’s “Little People”, Meet Joe Winters

Rebuilding White Point involves a good deal more than just constructing a building, it means recapturing the many little things that were inside, that everyone loved.

While our new White Point Quilt is one of treasures we are recapturing, so are the “Little People” that so many White Pointers enjoyed. Remeber the Sea Captain and Fisherman –

Joe Winters was the creator of the “Little People”, he gave us a hand touching up Lucky the Lobster and now, he has begun the process of carving our new family of Little People.

We dropped by his shop in Liverpool to go behind the scenes, look around at his colourful work and see who is emerging from the logs he picked up recently.

Meet Joe now in this video we did at his shop:

The picturses below here show Joe in his shop, from the log to the beginning of a new little person, as well as a look at many pieces of art that he takes great pride in showing.

Joe and Marilyn, invite you to drop by the shop when you are in town next, or if you are interested in his work, just email them at