In the wake of our Main Lodge fire on Nov. 12/11, “Thank You”!

In the wake of our Main Lodge fire on Nov. 12/11, “Thank You”!

White Point

  • John Morgan

    First visit to White Point with young family in 1974, have been back with extended family for the past ten years. We are all sure that this will continue and wish you all every success.

  • Sherri Bozin

    We are sorry for this sad loss and look forward to the rebuilding process. Can someone direct me as to what to do for those of us who had deposits on Xmas events?

    • White Point Beach Resort Team

      Hi Sherri, our apologies for just responding to your inquiry now. You should have already been contacted about your reservation by one of the memebers of our team, however, if you have not, please call us at your conveneince at 1.800.565.5068 and we’ll take a care of it for you. we look forward to welcoming you back after our rebuild is complete in the Fall of 2012!

  • Annette Taylor

    So sorry to hear about the loss of the Lodge. We just checked out of the Three Bedroom Beach House the Saturday before. The morning we checked out was cold and blustery, so we decided to go back in the Lodge and have a coffee by the blazing fireplace. It was nice to sit and relax there and of course warm up! While we were sipping our coffee, other people that we met the night before in the lounge were going in for their breakfast!!! We had a wonderful week there and I really didn’t want to leave. We will be back again, probably next fall!!!!

    I still can’t believe the Lodge is gone! What a horrific fire and tragedy!!! I was relieved to hear that no one was hurt including the bunnies! It’s hard to move forward after such a unbelievable loss, but you can do it!! We are counting on you!!! All the best in the rebuild!! I’m sure it will be better then ever!! :)))

  • Class Act

    Your organization is to be commended for taking care of the couple and throwing their wedding reception as well.A Class Act all the way.

  • Helen Sullivan

    I was so sorry to hear the news of the fire. I have long planned to go to Nova Scotia and stay with you. Now I am starting to plan my retirement and I will come stay with you at the restored resort in a couple of years. I wish you the best in this difficult time.


  • Sue Van Slooten

    You have our best wishes for you as you rise like the phoenix from the ashes. We’ve enjoyed our stays are White Point immensely. Bob, Sue, Devin Van Slooten, Lombardy, ON