July 1

What’s “on tap” at White Point you ask?

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on July 1st, 2010

Come in and quench your thirst with a cold beer from our new Keith’s taps.

What can we get you?While soaking in the sun on our deck, why not try one of our new Keith’s White, a refreshing, citrusy beer. If you’re enjoying one of our Angus burgers, a Keith’s Red will go nicely, or try a Keith’s IPA or a Stella with your Nachos. If you still have room, our Keith’s Dark will beautifully complement a piece of Flourless Chocolate Cake. We also have Leffe to go with your Panko Scallops and Hoegaarden to have with your Salmon. So whether you just want a cold beer or something to pair with your meal, at White Point we have the right one to hit the spot!

See you soon,
Sid (I’ll be behind the bar)

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