December 15

And our 2014 December ‘Elf’ winner is…

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on December 15th, 2014

On Dec. 11th, we invited White Pointers to nominate a special Elf – a volunteer in their community – that they wanted to say “Thank You” to by presenting them with a Gift Certificate for a GR8day Getaway here at the beach. Folks had until Monday Dec. 15th at 9am to get their nominations in, with the winner to be announced just after 12 noon on the same day.

We want to thank everyone for taking the time to put in their nominations, hearing you describe and recognize the special people in your community is heart warming.
All entries were printed, and placed in an Elf Hat, with one being drawn randomly….
Congratulations Traci Lowe Hatt – you get to give your nominee Charlotte White a GR8day Getaway – an over night stay with Breakfast and Dinner for two here at White Point!

Here are all the nominations that came in on our Facebook Page, they are all wonderful!

Julia Bernice Smeenk said, I’d like to nominate Deb Sponagle (and Chuck) for the wonderful work they do for the children of Liverpool. They have art classes, they are involved in the breakfast program at the Wickwire, they have even dressed up as Easter bunnies for the egg hunt at Pinegrove… they have truly enhanced the lives of so many children I think they are well deserving of this “Elf” nomination!!!

Marilyn Winters nominated Heather Kelly for all the things she is involved in here in Liverpool.

Traci Lowe Hatt said I would like to nominate Charlotte White, that elf is always very busy more so this time of year at the food bank.

Danielle Marchand nominated Bonnie Lea Tumblin – for always doing for others!

Leeanna McNeill says Charlotte White is the first person that came to my mind as well…food bank, habitat for humanity, church, gives her time to neighbours and family and friends. And probably more that I don’t know about!!

Anne White offered, I nominate my friend, Jill Suzanne, who is tireless in her dedication to various cat rescue organizations. She could really use a nice break, and I know she loves White Point.

Lisa Marie Grant offered, I would like to nominate my grandmother Joyce Whynot. She is the most kind hearted woman I know. She is always helping out in her community in anyway she can. Every time you call her house or visit she is making something, donating something or especially baking something for someone else. She always puts everyone before herself and I think she would enjoy the chance to put her feet up and relax. She most certainly deserves it.

Colleen Ritchie nominated Mary Ritchie – she volunteers for Shelter Nova Scotia, Standing in the Gap, Irondale Ensemble project, she is a retired seniors mental health nurse who continually shares her knowledge with families in need as their parents age and need different care. She is an amazing grandmother who pitches in when the cards are down. PS – she is White Point obsessed. She and I try to go at least once a year

Cat Gallagher offered this about her mom, Georgie, who loves me even on days when it’s hard to love me! She puts everyone else first! She needs some R&R

Pam Miles said, Robin Sperry is at the top of my list. Not only does she give her time to her Church…. Salvation Army, but her continuous volunteering at “The Salvation Army Thrift Store” is beyond my comprehension. This lady, who has faced her own medical issues, always has a smile and a hug for others. So proud to watch her in action!!!!

Lori Rodenhiser said I nominate Mary Smiley she is my daughters Big sister . Mary stepped into our families life about 6 years ago when I was going through an awful divorce and my daughter needed someone to just let her be a kid and a place she could go (Marys Family Home ) . She has helped give my daughter a friend and a second home. Even though she has grown children of her own and a grandson which my Maddy has a picture of them on her night stand . When my daughter comes home smiling and laughing it’s the best feeling, something that she did so little before . Mary has giving something to us that hasn’t cost her anything but is worth so much more than monetary value. I hope she sees this and knows just how much her time has meant to not only Maddy but our whole family.

Maxine Chandler submitted a nomination for Briana Fletcher, my granddaughter who goes to school in the daytime to further her education & works at Tim Horton’s in the evenings volunteers at an animal shelter & deserves a night away

Kate Goodwin nominated Andy Northup who volunteers with Samaritans Purse and has been in Iraq for almost three months. It’s easy to say we want to make a difference in the world but Andy is someone who puts those words into action. Living this way often means there is no extra money for doing special things on a personal level.
What a wonderful gift it would be for he and his beautiful wife (who had been his support and strength from behind the scenes) to have such a beautiful stress free reunion when he returns for the holidays. I can NOT think of two more deserving people!

Samantha Nickerson-Atkinson indicted she’d like to nominate Brenda Smith, my grandmother . She is a kind, caring person who is always helping out but never asking for any, even when she needs it. Good luck to everyone

Andrea Ritchie said, I nominate Mary Ritchie. Full disclosure- she’s my Mom. She also provides hands on support to theatre through The Irondale Ensemble Project, homeless and at risk people through her volunteering and donating to Shelter Nova Scotia, and Standing In The Gap. She donates to both causes close to home and abroad. And she loves the ocean, and White Point in particular. When we were young, she would take us to beaches on the Eastern Shore in all seasons. She’s an elf for sure.

Courtney Lorraine McNeil nominated John Harrison. He and his wife are completely Involved in their community, doing Christmas concerts for the tiny community church with all the kids, helping out with other functions including a single parents ministry at their church helping with crafts & lessons for the kids and meals for all the family’s. Has helped us out immensely this year and would give you the shirt off his back! Most genuine kind man around.

Lorene Isles … I would like to nominate Terry Gilbert. She is always volunteering time and her artistic and creative talents to community organizations, church groups, friends, family and neighbors. Gifts of food, crafty items and her handmade decorations and jewelry appear out of nowhere as tokens of friendship from her to the recipients. She is the first person to volunteer to decorate or cook for for parties, community groups and to volunteer to do art projects for children. She does all of this while dealing with her own health issues and never expecting anything in return. She is truly a caring and giving person.

Peter Moorhouse … I’d like to nominate Earl Leslie. For the past 15 years, Earl has been the volunteer community liaison for the Halifax Boys Honour Choir. He attends every single weekly rehearsal, wrangling 50-60 young boys and their belongings. He works with the boys for every fundraiser they do (bagging groceries, for example), spending eight hour days watching over them and keeping them in line. At every performance, Earl is there, making sure the boys are in their uniforms and in place. He even travels with the choir for their annual trips to perform outside the city and province. Earl has done all these things for no compensation in return, and has done so on top of his daily responsibilities for a large local bakery (from which he is retiring soon). And he’s done it all, with smiles and kind words for all the boys and their parents. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a relaxing weekend at White Point!

Cindy Titus nominated Laura Titus – the sweetest daughter, supporter and community helper.

Cindy Titus nominated Eleni Chronis Wade – an angel on earth.

Christina Andrecyk nominated Sherry Bugbee is a wonderful elf in the community of Chelsea. Every year she spends December baking and baking for her ‘seniors’ – delivering lots of treats to many, many elderly members of our community who need a pick me up the time of year. She has a 24 carat heart of gold.

Kendra Oickle nominated Charlotte White is for sure a number one elf; I see her work first hand . She gets my nomination also.

Linzie Labour said Robin Sperry has my vote as well!

November 25

There’s Music all around this December!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on November 25th, 2014

Dare say the ocean orchestra has some competition this December as we roll out all this fabulous line-up of live entertainment in the Founder’s Lounge.
We’ll have the Christmas Tree trimmed and the fireplace crackling – drop by after dinner or just come with friends for an evening out!

Dec. 5: Peter Manley
Dec. 6: George Hull (Plus there’s Rod Scott with our Reindeer Games, Dinner & Dance in the Atlantic Room!)
Dec. 12: Steven MacDougall (Plus there’s Rod Scott with our Reindeer Games, Dinner & Dance in the Atlantic Room!)
Dec. 13: Scott Colp (Plus there’s Slowcoaster performing in our Holiday Dinner & Show in the Atlantic Room)
Dec. 19 & 20: Jen Miller
Dec. 24 & 25: Peter Manley
Dec. 26: Alex Vaughan
Dec. 27 & 28: Ian Janes
Dec. 29: Shawn Hebb
Dec. 30: Alex Vaughan & Donna Scaglione
Dec. 31 & Jan 1: Brian Amirault  (Plus there’s The Aviator’s in the Atlantic Room performing at our New Year’s Eve Dance)
Jan. 2: Emerald Tide

There’s plenty happening Boxing Week too, see our full schedule of events, pairs perfectly with an overnight getaway or fun on a Day Pass!
Want more info, visit, join us on Facebook or give us a call at 1.800.565.5068 (or 902.354.2711).

October 19

Introducing our Artists of White Point Showcase for Nov. 16/14

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on October 19th, 2014

Artists of WP Show Nov 16After the amazing inaugural show in 2013 as part of our Anniversary Weekend, it was decided the Artists of White Point Showcase & Sale would become an annual event. We are proud to surround ourselves and welcome guests to explore the work of so many local and talented artists who make our Main Lodge and Guestrooms feel so warm and welcoming. Growing from 24 artists last year, the 2014 show welcomes more than 30 and promises to tempt, entertain and intrigue you!

Mark your calendars for our
2nd Annual Artists of White Point Showcase & Sale
Sunday Nov. 16, 10am – 4pm.
No admission fee, all welcome…our walls will come to life before your eyes!
Chef will have a Festive Lunch menu in case you want to join us too.

Thanks in advance for helping us support our local artists, and for sharing the information with your friends and family – see you there, it’s all a part of our 2nd Anniversary & 86th Birthday Weekend celebrations!

Here’s who you can expect to meet & mingle with at the show this year:

Roger Savage – Savage Studios
Inspired to capture the “light and shadow of Nature”, where weather conditions change in seconds, he discovered that watercolour and paper were the best media from which to form his images. What better place than Nova Scotia and especially the ever changing shorelines of White Point Beach to capture nature. You can find many local White Point scenes in Roger’s work as he makes South Queens his home.
611 Shore Rd., RR1 Liverpool, NS


Craig Naugler, Folk Artist
Craig Naugler has been carving since he was 19. He is most known for his carved owls and masks. He designs, creates and paints all his work from start to finish. He also carves, people, birds and other animals. His works sells across Canada and the US. As you look around our Main Lodge – when you see a spotted owl, you know it’s Crag’s work….we’re in love with these creations!
119 Hirtle Rd., Middlewood, NS

Julie Nauss – Imaginations Creations Jewelry Plus
Our Bunny Glass pendants have been very popular since Julie began creating them for us! Julie is a beach comber and makes one of a kind creations, using the materials she finds on the shores of Nova Scotia. She specializes in sea glass jewelry, but also uses driftwood, shells, sand dollars, and gemstones in her creations. Nature, especially the ocean, is her inspiration behind her work.

Laurie and Maggie Horton – Sticks & Stones Folk Art
Laurie & Maggie comb the beaches and the woods finding birds, fish and other creatures along the way. Their work is a team effort. ­ Laurie carves the likeness and Maggie does the finishing paint work. Their work is whimsical and fun and it is a favourite of White Point and our guests.

Penny Lane Enterprises
P.L.E offers a life- skill and social development program under a “person centred” philosophy. PLE offers a pre vocational training component and vocational training with various cottage industries offering opportunity to learn on the job skills. PLE clients produce a number of wood and tin products for commercial sale.

Joe Winters – Folk Artist
Joe has sold his work all over the world. He is known for his carved little people and these can be seen around the White Point Main Lodge. His passion is 3d art which he creates from lathes.

Sheila Porter – Little Arrow’s Porcupine Quill Jewelry – Mi’kmaq Artisan
Sheila handmakes her jewelry using materials in the “natural” state, such as porcupine quills, leather and antlers (deer/moose). To give it color I use semi precious stones, glass beads or swarovski crystals.

Tessa Dixon – Down Home Living
Down Home Living is a “creative” home décor store in Lunenburg that specializes in locally crafted accessories inspired by the sea. We also design and craft our own line of colorful home accents like the striped fish sticks, sand dollar wall squares and starfish tissue box covers that are displayed throughout White Point. Open year round.
175 Lincoln St., Lunenburg, NS

Cyril Moores – Mi’kmaq Basket Weaver
Cyril is a Mi’Kmaq artist who hand crafts many different varieties and sizes of baskets using different varieties of wood and grass. He’s well known in these parts and his baskets don’t last long in our Gift Shop!

Stephen Weaver – Upcycle Art
Stephen collects all things washed up on the shores of Queens County and create nautical themed art. He makes buoys, sun catchers and decorative pieces using rope and wood from old lobster traps in much of his work. He upcycles old glassware, by creating nautical and sea themed etchings on the glass.

FFrances Jewel Dicksonrances Jewel Dickson – Author
Frances is the Author of Destination White Point, a factual recount of the history of White Point Beach Resort. The book reaches far beyond White Point into the tourism industry of Nova Scotia. Destination White Point is Frances’ third book.

Lunenburg Makery
We’re delighted to have the creators of our ‘Bunny Kit’ join us again this year. The Lunenburg Makery in Lunenburg is a place for learning, making and gathering around craft. They are a multi­purpose craft space including sewing facilities, a library and reading area, a retail space and studios offering workshops and courses as well as drop­-in projects, sew­by­the­hour, evening craft circles, and studio space.
228 Lincoln St., Old Town, Lunenburg, NS

Tamar Drushka & John Hanna – The Philosopher’s Stone
The original stone vessels of Nova Scotia. We have worked with the ancient glacial  stones of the region since 1993 to create a unique and timeless art from our home in Rosebud, NS. The quality of our finishing process is the hallmark of our work.
1605 Stanburne Rd., Rosebud, NS

Leslie Snidal & Ed Saikaley – Cherry Hill Studio
Look closely at the fireplace in the Founder’s Lounge – there are features carved into some stone – thanks to Ed! Ed and Leslie collaborate to create unique images in etched opalescent stained glass. Ed has taken  the art of stained glass to a new level with a sandblasting technique used to sculpt the various  images and expose the hidden colours beneath the surface of the glass. Leslie then turns them into wall art by framing them to best bring out the colours and textures. They live in an 18th century home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and together they bring an artistic sensibility to their everyday life that is evident in their work.
8001 Route 331, Cherry Hill, Lunenburg, NS

LLibby Broadbent, Midlife Macheibby Broadbent – Mid Life Mache
MidLife Mache produces sculptures made from traditional paper mache materials. We specialize in fishermen, cats, holiday sculptures and mermaids, but also do commissioned work for personalized sculptures. MidLife Mache is also the publishing imprint for indie author, Libby Broadbent.

Mary Ediger – Saltwater Angels
Teacher, writer, kayaker and now eastcoaster, Mary moved from the west coast to be closer to family and live by the ocean. Her passion for sea glass developed into a small business, Saltwater Angels – She makes and sell sea glass angels in the four Atlantic provinces . I am sure from the the White Point Gift Shop, Mary’s Saltwater Angels end up all over the world as they are a popular item with WP guests.

Kim Stephenson – Sweater Mittens Crafter
Kim grew up making crafts with her sisters and mother. Kim always found sewing, knitting and rug hooking a very pleasurable past time. Her love of crafts and finding beautiful wool sweaters found at thrift stores lead to mittens. She loves repurposing unwanted clothing in to warm mittens that are fun to wear.

Pat Manthorne – Midnight Cactus
Stirling Silver & semi precious stones are what Pat Manthorne uses to make her Midnight Cactus range of jewelry. It is named Midnight Cactus after the plant which blooms late at night once a year. Like the cactus, Pat’s inspiration also comes late at night.

Grace Keating – Gpurrs and Kempt Lake Gallery
Grace came to settle in Queens County about 5 years ago from Vancouver where she was a costume designer for movies and TV. While she still does this work when available in NS she has but her seamstress skills to work for WP creating the White Point Bunny. Together with her partner, writer David Wiseman, they have created
Kempt Lake Gallery, featuring work from many local artists.

Vernon Oickle – Author
Vernon Oickle was born in Liverpool, where he worked for thirteen years at his hometown newspaper, the Advance. He has won many regional, national, and international awards for writing and photography. In 2009, the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors based in Missouri chose him as one of the top twelve
editorial writers among their worldwide membership. Today, he is the editor of the award-winning newspaper The Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin. The father of two, he continues to reside in Liverpool with his family.

Matthew Carver – Unbridled Studio
The micro business of a young man ion the Autism Spectrum. Unbridled allows purposeful endeavour, advanced vocational skills, provided financial reward and manage many aspects of a small business. Products consist of book beads, bath salts, foot soaks, as well as unique paper fibre logs.

Janet Tanner – Artist
Janet Tanner, is an artist from the South Shore. She has a studio at 88 Front Centre just 7 minutes outside of Historic Lunenburg. I use pencil, Ink, Charcoal, acrylics, and chalk in my work. I enjoy doing whimsical, realism and a little steampunk and Goth for good measure. I paint original paintings and produce prints , cards and some jewelry from them.
88 Front Centre. Lunenburg, NS

Cathie Pincombe – Lighthouse Society
Lighthouses are very special to Queens County. We have 6 in total and the Lighthouse Society diligently fundraises to save and maintain the Spectacle Island Lighthouse and the Medway Head Lighthouse through annual art shows and calendar sales.

Connie Smith – Mermaid Money
Connie Smith combs the local beaches of Queens County in search of Sand Dollars (Mermaid Money). Connie creates wonderful earrings and necklaces in all sizes of sand dollars. Finished and glazed so that you can proudly wear this delicate sea creature.

Peggy Whynot – Peggy’s Crafts
Peggy has been sewing crafts for about 25 years. My products consist of place mats, oven mitts and aprons which are her biggest sellers. She also produces Childrens aprons and oven mitts. These are all in many different fabrics, but she features, nautical theme and tartans. She attends craft shows all over NS from Halifax to the Yarmouth and the Valley selling her crafts. Her work has been juried successfully. She also runs an annual craft fair in Liverpool, called Peggy’s Craft Fair in it’s 2nd year.

Ed Benham and our Paddles he's carvedEdwin Benham – Mi’Kmaq Artist
Mostly self-taught woodcarver. Carving since 1991. Ed is Mi’kmaq artist from Acadia First Nation. While his work consists of unique woodcarvings, crooked-knives and gift items, it’s our pair of hand-carved custom paddles that we had him create for us that now hang and are appreciated in our Main Lodge.

Marg Millard, Painter
White Point artist, Marg Millard’s painting focuses on capturing the light as it plays with nature; especially as it chases over the sea, providing her a satisfaction (and sometimes a frustration) unequaled by anything else.

Liam Tayler – Haskapa Haskap Products
It is not often that a new berry comes along with the potential of the Haskap berry. The berry’s health heritage and high value niche in Japan suggests that it has a significant commercial future outside Japan. We have selected and brought together the top plant varieties under the haskapa brand name and created the first Haskap products outside Asia.

Deb's Felted Bunnies are very popular!Deb Taylor – Sea People Art
Deb Taylor has been a multi medium artist since 1978, doing Craft Shows throughout the Martimes for years. Painting on old discarded fishing boat pieces and canvas. Today needle felting has become her new passion, creating pets, people and whimsical characters. Feel the love in her work with your smile and taste the sea in her paintings.
142 Payzant Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Lisa Wickens – Simply Country Decor
Lisa Wickens lives on Cape Sable Island at the Southern tip of Nova Scotia. She is a self taught rug hooker who operates a small home decorating business. She uses only 100% wool products from local sources for her works. Most are designed and hand drawn by her husband Quent Wickens making hers a truly family business.
PO Box 691, Northeast Pt. Shelburne County, NS

Laurie & Janet Clattenburg – CHISLE AND BRUSH ARTISANS
Laurie and Janet are very creative local artists, carving ornaments and figures to walking sticks. Janet works with many painting media also….and Laurie has been recycling silplate flatware into wonderful rings and bracelets.

Bruce L. Smith – Carver
Wood carvings of marine and nautical forms – including sea shells, lobster claws, shore bird and duck decoys, and fish. The primary wood used is sugar pine – with butternut, mahogany, Spanish cedar, quarter-sawn drift beech and Ontario black cherry used on occasion. Birds are mounted on drift-wood bases. Pieces may include materials such as: sea glass, driftwood, coral and leather. Bruce is a South-Shore Nova Scotia artisan who has been carving for over 25 years.

Mike Bienstock – Medway Candle
Inspired by a growing understanding and a respectful awe of the honeybee, Mike Bienstock started Medway Candle from a desire to create simple and beautiful products that support the environment and embrace green living. We only use 100% Beeswax in our candles. We use all cotton wicks for our tapers and pillars, and high temperature paper wicks in our tea-lights and votives.







September 19

Fall Meetings at White Point are Special!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on September 19th, 2014

Fall Meetings are special at White Point



August 25

Hey Maine, USA…let your Nova Scotia Ferry-Tale begin!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on August 25th, 2014

This Fall, we’re inviting our neighbours in Maine, USA to sail over onboard the Nova Star to embark on your very own Ferry-tale here in Nova Scotia.
Just 90 minutes from your port of arrival, Yarmouth, travelling along Nova Scotia’s South Shore, you’ll find a treasure of spectacular white sand beaches, the Atlantic Ocean at its ‘surfiest’ and warmest of the entire year.
Write your own ferry-tale ending here in Nova Scotia!

The following was published in the Aug. 24th edition of Explore Maine mag.

August 24

Here and There….a poem inspired by a pic, from White Pointers

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on August 24th, 2014

Having shared this picture on our Facebook Page on Sun. Aug. 24th inviting White Pointers to help express in words what it inspires, we hoped we’d generate some replies.

What we didn’t expect was this beautiful poem from Cindy Titus….Here and There

Here is a home child
There has far to go
Here will study what around him lies
There will travel high and low
Here delights in sand and mud
The things beneath his feet
There has places he must see
And people he must meet
Though life will take them many ways
To live, love, learn and teach
They’ll always come back here to play
On Nova Scotia’s White Point Beach

Thank you Kevin for this amazing shot of your sons Ethan (6 yrs) and Zachery (4.5 years) here at White Point Beach Resort earlier this month.

Here and There

August 19

Fall – it’s a happiness harevest here at White Point!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on August 19th, 2014

White Point Fall Escapes

July 25

White Point serves ‘Taste of Nova Scotia’ Dining Experiences…year-round

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on July 25th, 2014

By Vernon Oickle, Summer 2014

Sommelier Dan Tanner & Executive Chef Alan Crosby, White Point Beach Resort
You eat with your eyes first.

So says Dan Tanner, Food and Beverage Manager and Sommelier at White Point Beach Resort.

“If something appears appetizing then you’ll want to taste it and so it’s important that the first taste be the best possible, no matter if it’s an appetizer, entree or wine,” he says, glancing out the row of large windows in the Founder’s Lounge that overlook the Atlantic Ocean as it rushes to meet the sandy shore. “Our guests are our top priority.”

That’s the philosophy that permeates the resort’s entire food and beverage offerings, underscoring the resort’s commitment to being a Taste of Nova Scotia partner.

Chef Alan Crosby echoes that philosophy, stressing that providing the best dining experience is their ultimate goal. With the emphasis on quality, the menus burst with unique and savoury experiences that change with the seasons.

“Something has to look good first … the dish has to excite the senses before it even gets to the taste buds in your mouth,” he explains. “If it looks good then the diner anticipates the bite.”

Alan’s philosophy on food preparation reflects his years of experience in the industry, but he admits his journey to White Point required him to travel many roads before reaching his final destination. Originally from Liverpool, he graduated from Mount Allison in 1987 with a BA in English and Theatre.

However, upon graduation from university he immediately realized his heart belonged elsewhere and at that point decided to pursue his life-long obsession with food. His real interest had always been cooking so in 1989 he entered the Culinary Institute of Canada located in Charlottetown and graduated in 1991.

“Before then,” he laughs, “I had never worked in food service and had no idea what I was getting into, but I loved it once I got there and, in fact, I even worked at the Institute on the weekends while I was studying there.”

He started his actual culinary career as a prep chef at The Church in Stratford, Ontario, which was a converted church that offered a high-end menu. “It was an extremely busy old-school restaurant. I worked on the vegetable corner where I had to prepare all the ingredients for the vegetable side dishes and soups. It was hectic, but I learned a lot and it was a good jumping off point for my culinary career.”

Although he worked for several years at the Hotel Vancouver, one of the most prestigious hotels in Canada, he longed to return to Nova Scotia. So in 1997 he took the position of executive chef at the Delta Barrington in Halifax. In 2003, he returned to Liverpool where he joined White Point as the executive chef.

As an experienced chef, Alan believes that in order to offer a well-rounded menu, it is important to know every section of the kitchen. “I like it all, but I admit I don’t consider myself a pastry chef. Making good pastry is very precise work and not everyone can do it well. It has never been one of my favourite things to do, but I love making fresh bread.” He notes that all their bread and desserts are made in house.

Alan describes the menu at White Point as an eclectic mix of casual elegance in which the customers exhibit a varied range of tastes, but where a high level of quality is the ongoing benchmark.

Dining options are numerous, he says, noting that they offer a gluten free menu and vegetarian options. The popular dinner buffet that features a selection of meats and salmon, as well as a variety of salads and vegetables continues to be a favourite choice for diners.

Alan’s favourites on the menu include the brown sugar and smoked paprika salmon served with roasted pineapple salsa, and the crab cakes with lime tartar sauce. The biggest seller is steak frites, which is a 10 oz. strip loin cut with steak fries and crimini mushrooms.

“And of course,” he quickly points out, “we have lobster when it’s in season as well as haddock and scallops. Our menu is created in collaboration with the entire staff and our objective is to create food that appeals to every taste.”

When it comes to desserts, Alan’s favourite is bread pudding. “I loved bread pudding as a child, so that will always be on the menu as long as I’m here,” he smiles. “Our bread pudding, which is made in house, is served with amaretto ice cream and it’s amazing.”

“Our philosophy is simple — quality first and give the customers what they want,” he says. “We’re always trying to find something new that customers like while paying homage to the traditions that people expect here in Nova Scotia.”

In an effort to maintain the resort’s commitment to the Taste of Nova Scotia, products are sourced locally whenever possible including pork, ham, bacon and sausage, which are purchased from Meadowbrook Meats in Berwick, while the beef for their burgers comes from PEI. Items like Solomon Gundy come from Mersey Point Fish and mussels from Ship Harbour.

“As a Nova Scotia restaurant our priority is to put Nova Scotia products first, but when they aren’t available in the province, then we try to shop as close to home as possible,” Alan says.

Dan emphasizes they make the same commitment to their beverage menu and wine list.

“We make every effort to use local products. Wines produced in Nova Scotia work well with the foods on our menu, so it makes the perfect and natural pairing. We especially make every effort to highlight what works with local dishes.”

As the resident Sommelier, Dan is trained in all aspects of wine service and pays special attention to wine and food pairing. In fine dining today the role is strategically on a par with that of the executive chef.

From Lunenburg, Dan began his career at White Point Beach Resort in 2000 upon completing his studies in Hospitality Services and Culinary Arts Program at Nova Scotia Community College in Bridgewater.

One of the qualities Dan appreciates about White Point is the resort’s commitment to local products. “Wine making in Nova Scotia is a growing industry especially the white wines. That’s because of the various climates and the soil types in the region. The grapes are lower in sugar levels and the fresh wines are complex. They pair up very nicely with our food menu.”

But, he adds it’s not only the local wineries they support. White Point also serves locally produced beer such as Hell Bay in Liverpool and Boxing Rock in Shelburne as well as rum, vodka and liquor from Ironworks Distillery produced in Lunenburg. They also incorporate local products like VanDyke’s blueberry juice and Sledding Hill Lavendar in their cocktails.

“People are looking for something different and hyper local. Our partnerships with local suppliers enable us to show off our products. We’re proud of the selection we offer,” he says. “For us, it’s important that we make partnerships with the local producers as we want our guests — both from Nova Scotia and afar — to enjoy the best taste experience from the province.”

But Dan’s expertise isn’t limited to local sources and products. In fact, in recent years he has travelled to Spain, Chili, Argentina and South Africa to learn more about the wine and food cultures in those countries. Earlier this summer, he went to Italy on a learning excursion and will travel to Germany in November on a wine tour.

“As the wine Sommelier, I enjoy learning about wines from around the world and how they compare to our Nova Scotia wines. Sharing this with our guests and enhancing their dining experience here at White Point is great,” he says, adding that the idea of these excursions is “to learn about the wine and food in other cultures and to bring it back to White Point so that our guests can enjoy the best food and beverage experiences possible.”

Guests at White Point have unique experiences with Dan and Alan too. Both offer interactive and engaging programming meant to break down barriers, debunk myths and educate folks in a variety of ways.

Dan hosts “Off the Vine Wine Tastings,” a two hour sampling and learning session about wines. He also brings in craft beer producers to introduce their own products and enable guests to get to know them and their techniques giving access to these “rock stars” in their own right.

For his part, Alan hosts “Chef’s Culinary Classes,” a two-hour session in which participants learn to create amazing dishes with Nova Scotian items and ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen. Special guest presenters often accompany him during these presentations. And yes, there is sampling.

These events are often brought together in Culinary Weekends starting with an Off the Vine Tasting in the afternoon, featuring a Nova Scotian winemaker, and culminating with a chef created and presented four-course wine paired dinner featuring a Nova Scotia menu.

Of course, every dining experience at White Point is enhanced by the stunning ocean views from Elliot’s Dining Room and the Founder’s Lounge year round, and in summer on the decks.

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July 18

Summer Menu is Sizzling – take a peek at some NEW features

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on July 18th, 2014

Creme Brulee Trio Blue Crab Cakes Pizza Lobster Roll

Served Oceanside on the deck….or in Elliot’s fireside


Pear and Proscuitto Flatbread Pizza, aged white cheddar, baby arugula and red onion cofit.

Steamed Ship Harbour Mussels, with smoked tomato, fire roasted garlic and fresh herbs

Crispy Chicken Quesadillas, flash fried tortillas with cheddar, grilled chicken, corn and bean salad, guacamole and fresh picode gallo

Nova Scotia Lobster Roll on a butter toasted onion roll with tarragon mayo

Blue Crab Cakes – panko crusted, melon salsa, pea shoots and lime tartar sauce


Baby Arugula Salad with fresh pears, crumbled blue, cider vinaigrette, walnuts and crisp onions

Blue Crab Cake, pan fried with margarita melon salsa, pea shoots and lime tartar sauce

Garden Gazpacho, chipotle cream, crispy tortilla and harissa oil

Free Range Nova Scotia Chicken with brie and dried cranberry stuffing, port and blackberry jus

Chipotle BBQ Ribs with Four Cheese Mac and Cheese

Steamed Nova Scotia Lobster


Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake with house made Mayan chocolate ice cream

Trio of Creme Brulee with pumpkin seed brittle

Cast Iron bread and butter pudding with Amarena cherries, almond and house made amaretto ice cream

Daily selection of house made sorbet … always gluten and  dairyfree!

There’s plenty more on those menus too, check them out:
Nightly Dinner Buffets, Breakfast Buffets are definitely popular too!
See you soon!

June 25

Gift Shop infused with local creations!

Posted by White Point Beach Resort Team on June 25th, 2014

Proud to be champions of “Made in Nova Scotia” and even more locally…”Made Nearby”!

While you are here at White Point, or visiting the area, don’t miss a visit to our White Point Gift Shop!

We are open year round and open to everyone. Feel free to drop by just to pick up a gift or something special for yourself or your home. We stock a wide selection of items from many artists on the South Shore. All our products are made in Nova Scotia, so you know you are supporting our local economy and taking a genuine Nova Scotian item back home with you.

We also have a wide selection of White Point clothing, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets for kids and adults. Always a great momento of your stay at White Point.

Watch out for our summer Artists in Residence program in Founder’s Lounge. During July & August, we bring in a local artist every Saturday from 2-5pm to entertain and educate our guests and visitors about their craft. Maybe even have an item made especially for you!

Come meet the  Artists of White Point at our Annual Artisan Showcase and Sale held in November.  Just in time for Christmas!

White Point Gift Certificates are available and can be used to purchase items in the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm during the peak season and Thursday to Saturday 10am-6pm through the rest of the year.  Hours will vary based on events and Holidays.

At the White Point Gift Shop we can gift wrap your purchases and we can also ship your purchases for you, if that is more convenient for you. Even when you are not here and you would like an item from our gift shop, give us a call and we will make arrangements to get it to you.

Call our Gift Shop Manager, Heather Kelly at 902-354-2711 ext 389 or email her at

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